How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Lead generation – that’s the name of the game in marketing isn’t it? There are various methods to market a business, whether offline or online. Rather than bore you with those “other” methods, let’s get right to it.

Everybody wants to market their business and generate leads using social media. The HOW is the doozy!

Of course you can use social media to generate leads. At your fingertips you have access to thousands of people – it’s a networking event on steroids. But, how do you use social media right to attract the right audience and generate the right leads for your business?

How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads 

1. Know Your Audience

You have to know everything you can about your audience. Create what is known as a customer avatar by identifying a specific person to talk to.

  • Who exactly are they?
  • What is their sex?
  • How much money do they make?
  • What are their fears and concerns?
  • What problems do they have that you can solve?

In the interest of transparency, I’ll tell you right now that almost every marketing person will harp on this point. And how if you don’t do it you’ll be lost.

But let’s be honest here, since we’re friends, right? Understanding your audience is an exhaustive, evolving process. This means it takes research that you will repeat over again as your business changes, times change, and your audience changes.

Now that I’ve contradicted myself by even including this point in this post, I’ll give you the real reason why it’s included.

If you identify a single person to talk to, it’s easier to have a conversation. It’s easier to talk to her on social media. It’s easier to create a product he/she wants. It’s easier to create blog posts because you know what kinds of content she likes to read/watch/consume. It’s easier to create ANY copy, really, because you know who you’re talking to.

This is why you need to identify your audience. Give her a name and a face, a voice and bring her to life. Then get to know her by going where she goes, and study what she’s doing.

2. Spell Out Your Goals

You can’t start any type of marketing without a goal. In this case it’s lead generation. How many leads do you want to generate in what period of time? Exactly who do you want as a lead? What makes a perfect lead, and what would attract that perfect lead?

3. Create a Content Strategy

Nothing is done without content. Without content, you have no marketing strategy whatsoever. You’ll need to create content for your website/blog and social media that has the point of your marketing campaign in mind. Getting more leads.

After that, almost everything else rests on content to promote your lead capture pages.

A lead capture page is the page where you capture people’s email addresses and/or other pertinent info so you can land in their inbox and send them targeted information.

The goal? To ultimately convert this LEAD into a PAYING CUSTOMER.

4. Create Compelling Content

If you want someone to trust you to give them information so that the lead can become a prospect, you’re going to have to work for it. Great content uses images, video, audio, and is engaging and relevant to the audience.

If you want to use social media to generate leads, you have to create compelling content. Compelling content gets people to take action. That action could be to hit the ‘like’ button, hit ‘share’, or click through to find out more. It evokes a response and an emotion, and inspires people to DO something. That’s the goal. Get people to MOVE and RESPOND.

How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads

5. Put Sign-Up Forms on Social Media

An easy way to use social media to generate leads is to simply put your sign-up forms on social media. For example, you can put a sign-up form right on Facebook. In this case Facebook can become the landing page. When applicable, put the sign-up form where the content is so that you can get a higher conversion rate.

Don’t stop at Facebook though. Add the link to your sign-up form to all your social media bios. Instead of sending people to your website’s homepage, direct traffic to your sign-up form.

6. Improve Your Social Media Profiles

Sometimes before someone clicks through your links they’re going to check your profile. If you have a blurry head shot, and a half-filled out profile, they’re not going to go back and give you their email. Nope. They’re going to click away, never to return. Don’t let that happen. Improve your social media profiles – always.

How to complete your Twitter profile

7. Spend Some Money

If you’ve created an awesome content marketing strategy, but hardly anyone is seeing it, then it might be time to pay for sponsored posts on social media networks that have that offer. Capturing leads is one of the ways that you can use social media advertising without spending a fortune. For example, you can create a boosted Facebook post and drive the traffic to content on your website.

8. Offer Something Substantial

Giving away a freebie, also know as an optin offer, to get the email address is a classic practice among digital marketers. But, you can make this work even better by ensuring that the giveaway would only be wanted by your target audience.

9. Create Multiple Landing Pages

You should create a new landing page for each social media network so that when your audience clicks through the link on your content they are taken to a special page that welcomes them and makes them feel at home.

With the number of people within your target audience using social media, making social media work for you as a lead generation tool is honestly a no brainer. I don’t know your target market, but I’d bet they’re on social media, somewhere. You just have to go and find them!

Miss Kemya

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Miss Kemya is a Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager at Marketing Sparkler, a boutique marketing firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through offline and online marketing strategies. She provides both consulting and done for you services to brick-and-mortar businesses and digital brands alike.

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