Small Business Marketing Tools and Resources

I’m often asked for recommendations of different marketing tools and service providers, so I figured, why not create a running list here? Everything on this page is hyper-linked, so click what you want and you’ll be taken directly to the corresponding website.

Now, of course there are tons of resources out there. This is MY List. This is the stuff I use or have used. Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, many of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from this page. I only recommend products and systems that I use and love myself. I actually use the products I recommend!



Web Host and/or Domain Name

Teamwork Projects

Project Management

Business Management & Client Workflow

Get the Dubsado business management software.
Go ahead and click the pic, it’s my affiliate link. Please and thank you.

I have a SINGLE recommendation for business management and client workflows, and it’s the wonderful folks at Dubsado.

Why are they so special? According to their website, “From invoicing, signing contracts, scheduling appointments, Dubsado is a software built to save you time, impress clients, and grow your business.”

They are telling the WHOLE truth. Their customer service is impeccable. Too many features and integrations to mention.

Sign up for Dubsado and get your WHOLE business life together. Whole. Business. Life. You’re welcome.

E-commerce/Shopping Cart

Publish Your Gift Blog Badge
My publisher. Enough said.

Cloud Storage

CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress

Business Email

Email Marketing


Meeting Contact Forms & Scheduling Tools

Use eCover Software Pro to create stunning e-covers for your information products!


Outsource Tasks and Projects

  • TEMI (online transcription service)
  • Fiverr
  • Hire My Mom
  • Upwork (Note: Elance and oDesk merged to create Upwork)
  • Guru


Business Cards and Branded Products

Informational Post: Wear Your Brand Everyday Without Looking Like a Walking Billboard


Physical Printing

The business resources listed above are provided for your convenience. You are encouraged to shop around for service providers that suit your business needs.

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