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Pull up a chair, grab a drink and stay a while! I mean it, c’mon and hang out for a bit! I’m Miss Kemya, Chief Marketing Sparkler at this here empire, and I’m here to serve you. So I created this page to give you a brief snapshot of Marketing Sparkler’s products and services, help you to navigate the blog, and stay connected!

If I have any upcoming events, they’ll be listed on this Events page.

About the Blog

Oh the blog… my favorite place to play. The blog is for people who need to have a clear understanding of how to market their business offline and online. The blog is chock full of info on all things related to social media, blogging, business strategy. networking, entrepreneurship, and marketing strategy.

Recent Blog Posts

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Service Overview

Marketing Sparkler serves small business owners by: 

  • creating marketing strategies and executing those strategies
  • social media strategy and management (to make you look like a social media pro!)
  • crafting content marketing campaigns (via blogging, social media, graphics, etc.)
  • offering ebooks and ecourses in the Biz Shop
  • doing whatever else you need us to do to help you make plenty o’ money!

Small Business Marketing Tools and Resources

If you need resources… I got resources. The Small Business Marketing Tools and Resources page is a list of products that I personally use and recommend for running your business.

Please note: A company cannot pay or “sponsor” to be on this list. So if you’re thinking about asking, don’t.

I only recommend products and tools that I (or someone on my team) use. Of course you should do your own research, but this is a great starting point. If you were to message me and ask me what tool you should use for project X, I would point you to this page. For real.

DIY Biz Shop

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of ‘preneur? I gots the goods for you too! Visit the Biz Shop to check out products created with you in mind.


Again, welcome to the Marketing Sparkler community. I hope you enjoy your time here! Please feel free to connect with me via social media and introduce yourself. If you would like to chat, I’m just a phone call, email or a tweet away.

Ciao, Miss Kemya