A One Stop Shop To Simplify Your Virtual Business

How many pieces of software are you cobbling together to run your business? If you’re like most of us who work online, in particular coaches, consultants and content creators, you have one piece of software to book calendar appointments, another piece of software to house your digital products, another piece of software to offer your lead magnets, another piece of software for your email list, and yet another for your funnels.

Does this sound about right? I kind of figured as much! I mean let’s be honest. We need multiple pieces of software to run a virtual business. And we have to be tech experts to piece it all together!

I happen to have been introduced to a one-stop store that is so freaking awesome, that I decided to not only use it, but I want to share it with you! Keep reading, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. No scratch that. I think you’ll be itching to use this for your business too!

A One Stop Shop To Simplify Your Virtual Business

One Stop Shop To Simplify Your Virtual Business

Meet your new online storefront.

Are you familiar with Stan? If not, let me formally introduce you.

Stan is your all-in-one store that includes all of the tools you need to run your virtual business.

One place where you can connect and automate your bookings. So if you are a content creator and you want to schedule one on one sessions, you can simply connect your calendar to your Stan store, and send out the confirmation email from there as well.

If you want to email your list or you want to create a newsletter? No problem! You can literally do that with your Stan store. 

And we all know the importance of sales funnels, right? Your Stan store includes a funnel builder

Side bar: a sales funnel is basically the process that you take a prospect through, from the time they express interest all the way to when you deliver whatever that prospect is interested in. More often than not, funnel builders are expensive and confusing to configure if you’re not a techie.  Most of them have extra bells and whistles that we don’t know how to use (or need to use).

All of this is under one umbrella. Which means you can create a Stan store to house everything you need to run your online business. Even if you don’t know how to code a website or integrate a funnel builder with your email marketing provider.  

And we’re just getting started!

A fully functioning website – no coding required

Now, I know it’s weird for a marketer to say this, but a Stan store can function as your fully operational website. This is particularly useful if you deliver digital products and services. And you’re not a techie. And you need to automate systems in your business so that you can reclaim your time.

You do not have to know any code to have a fully functional website with a booking system, forms, email marketing, online shop and a way to accept payments. Seriously!

Avoid what usually happens for virtual business owners.

I know a lot of times when people are launching a new business, the challenge is that they don’t know how to get started with a website, or which pieces of specialty software to buy.

You’ve heard it all before:

    • a website is a must
    • everybody needs an email list
    • you need to send out newsletters
    • a calendar scheduler is a must
    • you have to have a sales funnel

I can’t tell you hw many times I’ve explained this very thing to a new business owner. You need these basic elements to run your business.

I  need help with running the tech side of my business

Running the tech side of your business is… a headache. 

No matter which platforms and software are chosen, you have to “tie” them together. The DIY route can get extremely frustrating when trying to do tech if it’s not your jam. If you can afford it, you might hire a cheap website designer to set up your digital home. Problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know. So you hire help but still have to figure out how to use and update the systems. Enter frustration and stagnation.

You don’t have to be stuck or a tech wizard anymore! You can use a Stan store to support all the things you know you need to run your business.

Why is having a Stan store a better alternative?

If you are using social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram, you already know that they only allow you to have one link in your bio.

This is an all-inclusive option, and honestly, I have not seen a product that has all this other one umbrella.

You see, most of those link in bio platforms only allow you to offer links to your website and other third party properties. Your Stan store has all of the properties you need built in. Which means you can start your entrepreneurial, content creator, digital product business immediately, with this one single platform.  

What can you do with Stan Store

So what can you do with your Stan Store?

    • Integrate your calendar
    • Book appointments (with a full application/forms)
    • 1-tap checkout from your store (can offer coupon codes too)
    • Accept online payments
    • Build an email list and send newsletters
    • Review audience analytics
    • Build sales funnels 
    • Sell digital downloads
    • Charge recurring fees (for a membership)
    • Sell ecourses
    • Link to other 3rd party sites as needed

As you can see, a Stan store can replace a number of systems you’d have to cobble together to run your business! This means fewer tools to pay for. Which means increased profitability for you! Check out my current Stan store here. 

It took me 36 minutes to get up and running.

If you think my Stan store looks great, or if you think you could never put something together like this, let me tell you something.

I set up my Stan store in 36 minutes! I actually timed it because I wanted to see how simple it could be.

I’m talking about 36 minutes in total, from the time I hit the button to get started to the store you see today here.

This is what I completed in 36 minutes:

    • added all my social media profiles to my store
    • connected my payment methods, including verification (native Stripe integration)
    • connected my calendar
    • creating the intake form for the calendar appointment
    • added my branding colors – I had to go find my hex code:-)
    • added my website links (had to find these and copy/paste ’em)

And I haven’t even used all of the features available yet!

Here’s the thing. I didn’t compile any of this info ahead of time because I wanted to give a true representation of how long it would take to set up the store with zero prep time. So if I would’ve had all of this info compiled first, I would’ve easily shaved off several minutes in the process.

So when I tell you that anybody can set a store up and get to work right away, I’m not kidding! I timed it on purpose because I wanted to overcome any “oh I could never do that” objection.

Who can use a Stan Store

Who is a Stan Store for?

This is a great platform for those business owners who don’t know how to code a website, who needs multiple pieces of software to run a business, and who don’t feel like really duct taping all these pieces of software together. Because let’s face it, you want to spend more time running your business and less time doing all the technical stuff required. 

You won’t believe the price… I’m not even going to tell you how much it is. Ok, spoiler, it’s only $29/month! You would pay several hundreds of dollars every month for these features if you pieced all the multiple pieces of software together, installed them onto your website, and learned how to use them all. Hundreds of dollars each month and dozens of hours – I know because I’ve pieced together multiple systems over my 15+ years of working online.

Just click right here to get started. You’ll be amazed that you didn’t set up a Stan store sooner. Of course, if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them. And if you’re already part of the Stan Pham, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Share in the comments!

Miss Kemya

Click here to check out the one stop shop that will simplify your virtual business! 


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