Wear Your Brand Everyday Without Looking Like A Walking Billboard

6 thoughts on “Wear Your Brand Everyday Without Looking Like A Walking Billboard

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  • smallbizatlanta

    Great post! I think that creatively having your brand on different items is a great way to go and it can make you/ your brand more visible. When going to a networking function consider handing out candy bars that are wrapped w/ your business info. These are a great conversation starter (most people love choclates) and you’ll be remember! Also having water bottles wrapped with your company info to pass out to your clients is a great way to stand out. You can do it yourself or pay a little extra to have it done for you.

    • Absolutely, people love chocolate! I happen to be drinking from a branded water bottle right now. And you made a good point, you can do some things yourself. All it takes is a little creativity. Seeing a logo in unexpected places always gets people’s attention. Thanks for sharing; I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  • wordshealsoul

    EXCELLENT idea! I have shopping bags and a memo pad so far w/ VICTOR message! Need to get items w/my new logo!
    Thanks for sharing the sites! 😉

    • MissKemya

       You’re most welcome Monica. I’m all for using subtle branding everyday. It opens doors and starts conversations!

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