What To Do Next With Your Business Idea

If you have a business idea that you think is great and that you know has the potential to take you places, it’s important that you do something with it. The ‘doing’ part is what separates a wantapreneur from an entrepreneur. So don’t sit back and keep dreaming of launching the idea, it’s time to figure out what to do with the idea.

The ‘doing’ part can can take many different forms, and we’re going to explore some of the most important steps to take with your business idea when it’s still in development.

What To Do Next With Your Business Idea

What To Do Next With Your Next Business Idea

Create a Prototype

Before you think about getting a business off the ground, you need to have a prototype of this product you’re so excited about. If you can’t even do that, no one will take this idea seriously to begin with. The prototype will be just that, a prototype. It doesn’t need to be perfect or polished, but it needs to give people a good idea of what you’re working towards with this concept.

For a product-based business idea, this means a physical prototype. When you have the product in hand, it’s easier to talk about. This also makes the idea seem more ‘real’ as you demonstrate the validity of your idea to others.

If this is a service-based business idea, you’re not off the hook with a prototype. Can the service be put into a tangible form to explain the benefits and features, such as a brochure? Or perhaps a slide deck might be easier to create and share with others. A prototype might also be a website with an explainer video, so get creative and determine the best way to communicate the potential of the service.

Seek Advice from People Who Know What They’re Talking About

Seeking advice from people who have been in your position before and know what they’re doing is important. They’ll be able to offer you advice, or even just tell you about how they found success. This kind of professional and reliable insight has the potential to really impact your business and what it’s capable of achieving.

Seek people out and see if they’ll be interested in talking to you. You can connect with people in your industry to specific industry-related insights. However you can also connect with people in another field; oftentimes business insights can be applied to multiple business sectors.

Create a Business Plan

Next up, you should have a business plan that you can stick to over the long-term. It should outline everything you want to do and outline how you’ll overcome the challenges ahead of you too. A good business plan will really help you to focus and get your business on the right tracks before it’s even up and running.

Don’t fall into the trap of underestimating the importance of a business plan. It may seem like new businesses open their doors and have instant viral success, but that’s not how it works What looks like an overnight success has often involved years of preparation out of sight for the general public. A business plan is your roadmap to success and should direct you in business decision making, vetting opportunities, launching, budget, marketing, etc. If you have never created one, visit a site like SCORE for a general business plan template.

Think About How You Might Market Your Concept

Think about marketing your idea in the right way too. There are places that offer great invention marketing services and if you have an idea that takes the form of an invention that’s entirely fresh, that could be just what you’re looking for. The way in which you market your concept will be the thing that helps you to make it known and understood by the public.

When it comes to marketing, starting sooner rather than later is always best. Marketing is not about pushing your product or service onto the masses. Rather, it is about understanding how to communicate the benefits of your product or service to your desired audience. Getting this step right is how you’re going to reach your audience and ultimately convert onlookers into customers.

Understand the Market

Understanding the market that you’re getting into will make a big difference as well. You should have a good knowledge of that market and how your new product or business might be able to fit into it in a sustainable way. Know what you can expect from your rivals, and how best you might be able to take them on.

Of note here is the common thinking that a new business idea has no competitors. There is rarely an idea that hasn’t been done before or doesn’t have any competitors. You simply have to find them. The more you know about your competitors and the market you’re in, the better toy can tailor your offer to fill a need in the marketplace. You want to stand out against your rivals, and  ultimately you want to pull ahead of them.


If you’re going to make a success of your business idea, you need to have a plan of action in place. There’s no guarantee that a great idea leads to a great business or any material success for you, so don’t take anything for granted. Instead, start working towards what you want to achieve.

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