How Marketers Can Highlight The Benefits Of Products They’re Pushing

Every part of the marketing funnel is challenging, from sourcing the initial leads to getting people through the checkout process with minimal disruption. But there’s one area that many sellers continue to struggle with: product presentation. It’s the part that takes the most creativity, so that makes a lot of sense. Whether it’s in a marketing email or on a product page, it’s vital to make the product on offer sound as appealing as possible.

But how do you do this? Well, the core of a product’s allure generally comes from the effect it could have on the buyer’s life — how it could benefit them in valuable ways — so you need to focus on that aspect. In this post, we’re going to look at how marketers can highlight such benefits, so let’s get started.

How Marketers Can Highlight The Benefits Of Products They’re Pushing

How Marketers Can Highlight the Benefits of the Products They Are Pushing
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Pick out key testimonials

When you’re trying to convince someone that your product is going to help them, showing that it helped someone else is very potent, particularly when that person has some degree of fame or notability within the prospective buyer’s field. The endorsement doesn’t have to directly involve the product you’re promoting. Take the example of Wave’s templates: the page quotes a CEO as saying “Thank you @WaveHQ for taking the pain out of accounting & invoicing”.

That quote, of course, isn’t necessarily about the templates in particular. Instead, the testimonial is general and can reasonably be taken to encompass everything from the company’s accounting software to how their templates stack up against competitors like FreshBooks. All you need is to find (and prominently display) one high-quality testimonial that makes your company and/or product sound great.

Tell a customer-driven story

Storytelling is a great way to get people to pay attention. If you can tell a story (or stories) featuring heroes to whom your target audience can relate, you can really make your message stick. A good product story should introduce a problem and explain how your proposed solution can resolve it. If you tell that story within the confines of a fictional tale (probably about your hypothetical customer), then it’ll have a much greater emotional impact.

Use visuals where possible

Text is important in product marketing, but images and videos can really spice things up. One of the core issues with ecommerce is that shoppers don’t get to inspect their potential buys in person. All they can do with listed claims is choose to believe or disbelieve them. Though product photos can be doctored, they’re generally more convincing than text.

In some cases, benefits are really hard to describe through text in the first place. Take cosmetics items, for example, or fashionable items of clothing. You can talk all you like about the qualities of a shirt, but only by seeing it can someone figure out if it fits their style (and consequently determine if they would benefit from buying it).

Cut any unnecessary words

When marketers aren’t really sure what to say, they can decide to start saying anything that comes to mind. This is, of course, a bad move. Imagine encountering a salesperson in a store who just rambles incoherently about why you should buy a particular product. Simply getting out more words about it won’t make their case any better — in fact, it’ll make it worse.

If you can say something in 30 words, try to trim it to 20. Stick to bullet-pointed lists where possible. Each benefit should be crystal-clear and easy to understand regardless of whether the reader is familiar with the principles or the product being promoted. The more succinct you can be, the more impactful your message will become.

Wrapping up, communicating the benefits of products is utterly essential for effectively marketing them, but you need to get your approach right. By using the tactics we’ve detailed here, any marketer can improve the efficacy of their product presentation.

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