How to Make a Black Friday Plan for Profit

I’m curious, are you planning to offer any Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday deals? If so, do you have a Black Friday plan? It’s not too late!

We all know people have come to expect these super deals, so why not put yourself out there to grab some moolah?

Most of us think about buying and selling physical products for the Black Friday weekend. But who said service providers and purveyors of digital goods can’t capitalize on the weekend flurry of sales?

how to make a Black Friday plan

How to Start Making a Black Friday Plan

Here are a few ideas for offers you can put together. These ideas are specifically for those of us who sell services and digital products:

  • Bundle some products together and stick a price tag on ’em.
  • Record a bonus training for an existing offer.
  • Repurpose your ebook into an ecourse with audio/video training.
  • Launch your new product/program for a ridiculous introductory discount.
  • Put a new spin on a product and make it relevant for the holiday/new year season.

I hope this brief list helps you to put together an offer for the Black Friday weekend. If you have products and services to sell, it’s time to sell them!

It’s not too late to put a Black Friday plan together to kickoff the holiday shopping season. I am going to presume you already have an audience to talk to. You already know your target audience. If you haven’t been regularly connecting with your audience on social media, or you haven’t been talking to your email list, start today! You don’t want to appear out of thin air spamming people with your promotions. You want to already be in conversation mode, and give people hints at what you’ll be offering.

Now that you have a few ideas to get started, it’s time to talk about marketing and sales.



8 Steps to Profit Over the Black Friday Weekend 

Once you have decided to get into the Black Friday game, you have to come up with a marketing and sales plan. First, answer each of the questions below with as much detail as you can off the top of your head. Then drill down and add more specific details. If you can complete this outline, you will have a Black Friday marketing and sales plan you can run with!

There’s no time to waste, so here ya go:

1. Money Goals

How much money do you want to make over the Black Friday weekend? You have to start with your money goals.

2. Decide the Focus

What products and services do you need to sell to hit this goal? Don’t try to sell 100 different things, and don’t try to create a bunch of new stuff. Select a few standouts you already have. This will determine where to put your FOCUS.

3. Pricing Strategy

Make a schedule of your price point for each product/service, and the duration. For example, if I decide that I want to make an additional $1,000 from a specific ebook, and I regularly sell ebooks at $50 a pop, I need to sell 20 ebooks at the regular price point ($50 x 20 ebooks = $1000).

If I have a sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday and I cut the price in half to $25, then I need to sell 40 ebooks to hit my goal over that weekend ($25 x 40 = $1000). Play around with the numbers until you hit your sweet spot you can work with.

4. Email Marketing

When are your sales emails going out? Email marketing is going to be a big part of your Black Friday plan. Figure out the day/time, the offer, and the email segments to send to. Do you need to send out 6 emails during the Black Friday weekend, and 2 before the weekend? Which list/segment are you sending to? What times will you send these emails out? What will the emails say?

If you haven’t been emailing your list, start NOW so you won’t look like a spammer come Black Friday weekend.

5. Social Media

Are you promoting your offers on social media? The social media marketing part of your Black Friday plan should include a list of the social media platforms you will use, as well as the content needed for each of these. At a minimum, you’ll need to create text posts, graphics, videos, trackable links to your sales pages, etc.

6. Ads

Do you want to run some Facebook ads? Are you going to create a Google Adwords campaign? Have you defined your audiences and daily budget? When are you running these ads: pre-Thanksgiving, during the entire weekend, only on Cyber Monday, etc.? Write the copy, figure out where to direct the traffic, etc. This holds true no matter where you run your ads.

7. Contests

Do you want to experiment with contests? You can run a contest pre-Black Friday to gather emails and drive website traffic to grow your audience ahead of time. Of course you can also run contests over the Black Friday weekend as well.

8. Blogging

If you’re a blogger, decide what content you will blog about to generate interest in your specific Black Friday offers. What dates will you publish? Will you need to do some outreach to get visibility to your posts? Who are you reaching out to: names, emails, social media handles, websites, etc.? When are you reaching out?  When will you follow up if you don’t get a response?

Finally, let’s tackle the elephant in the room for many small businesses: website shame. Do you need to fix up your website a bit? If you know your site is a mess, which is why you don’t like sending people to visit, you have a whole ‘nother issue. Just fix it already!

I’ve said enough, it’s time for you to get to work on that plan! If you need some help, click here to schedule a consultation.

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