How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times [Infographic]

Are you a blogger looking for more ways to increase your blog shares? How would you like to get each of your blog posts shared 1000 times?

As a blogger I’m always looking for more blog traffic. After all, if you spend a good deal of time crafting quality blog posts you don’t want to stay the world’s best kept secret, you want people to check out your blog!

I came across this fantastic infographic, courtesy of Canva and Razor Social, and immediately classified it as a golden nugget I had to share!

In a nutshell, the infographic blueprint instructs you to take the following actions in order to get your blog post shared 1000 times:

• Create a compelling title
• Make it easy to share
• Optimize your post for social media
• Optimize for Google
• Make your images Pinterest friendly
• Highlight quotes and include a click-to-tweet option
• Use an automation service to share your content as soon as you hit the publish
• Manually schedule social media shares
• Share to your email list
• Do outreach and share with key people in your industry
• Monitor your results and track your links
• Do another promotional push a month later
• Share, share, and share again.


Infographic courtesy of Canva and Razor Social


This is a genius blueprint you can use to create killer blog posts that people just love to share! If you haven’t made a habit of implementing these ideas, I recommend you try out a couple to start and see how you do. Then, try a couple more.

Pretty soon, you will have created a blog sharing strategy that significantly increases your blog traffic.
Miss Kemya

What do you recommend as a great way to get your blog post shared? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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