Use Click to Tweet to Increase Your Promotional Tweets [Review]

Are you looking for more ways to get people to share your content on Twitter? Do you write incredible blog posts that you would love your readers to share with their Twitter followers?

You can easily increase your Twitter promotions by using Click to Tweet!

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What is Click to Tweet?

Click to Tweet is a ‘tweet about this’ link generator. You can create easy tweetable links to use on your website, blog, emails and products and get your exact message shared the way you want it be shared!

What makes Click to Tweet so useful?

Click to Tweet is a useful promotional tool because you can share different content for one product or blog.

You are not limited by the SEO title of your blog post or product. which is typically the case when people use your Twitter sharing button. You can craft the exact message you want people to post on Twitter. 


How to Use Click to Tweet in Four Simple Steps

Step 1: Grab a graphic (optional) Find a nice Twitter button you want to use. Click to Tweet actually has a Twitter graphic button that you can use to embed your tweet to make keep it simple.

Step 2: Shorten the link Go to and shorten the link you want to use in your click-to-tweet message. ( If your tweet will not include a link, skip this step.)

Step 3: Write the tweet Go to and write the text you want people to share on Twitter. Add the shortened link and ‘via @yourusername’ at the end. Include any hashtags you wish to include as well.

Step 4: Generate the link When you click ‘Generate Link!’ you get the link url, to then use with your image and include in your content for your audience to share. When one of your readers clicks the ‘click to tweet’ button, he/she will see your Twitter message in their Twitter status update box. They simply click ‘tweet’ to share your message.


To See Click to Tweet In Action

tweet this

Click here to tweet this: Use Click to Tweet to craft the exact message you want people to tweet about your blog post.



Three Ways You Can Begin Using Click to Tweet

You can use Click to Tweet in any media you want people to share online. There are 3 easy ways to start using Click  to Tweet to get your  audience to promote your content on Twitter.

Email marketing: Include a click to tweet quote or tip in each of your email marketing campaigns. This will encourage people to share your email marketing and expose more people to the good stuff you share with your list.

Blog posts: Add a click to tweet quote to your blog post, pre-filled with content that captures an interesting highlight you want to promote.

Ebooks and Information Products: encourage people to rave about your ebooks and other information products! Add a click to tweet promotional quote mid-way through your ebook, and encourage your readers to share what they’re reading.

Remember, when creating your click to tweets, always include via @yourusername at the end of the Twitter message. Make sure you are mentioned by name when people are tweeting your fabulous content!

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How do you use Click to Tweet?


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