Simply Hitting Tweet Does Not Constitute A Blog Promotion Strategy

As a blogger, you have a powerful platform to demonstrate your expertise. Your blog is the basis of your content strategy, and you pour your heart and soul into every word you post. You promote blog posts every day. You’re proud of your awesome blog, and wonder when your traffic will skyrocket. When your subscriber list will see a big increase.

After all, maintaining a blog is a time-consuming, yet extremely rewarding exercise. You research ideas, write content, edit content, find pics, take pics, generate ideas, write some more… and hit publish.

You tweet out your new blog post. And you post it to your Facebook page. And you sit. And wait. And sit and wait some more. Then move on to the next blog post.

Sound familiar?

But I did it, I hit “Publish”!

Congratulations, you accomplished your goal, you hit publish! Whew, what a feat!

But what did you do after you hit publish? You waited for the magic to happen. The traffic to come. The comments to follow. The blog subscribers to increase. You waited for the world to take notice.

how to promote blog post

Enter chirping crickets. The magic never happened.

You put your time and energy into writing and publishing your blog post. But you hit the snooze button on promoting your blog post!

You aren’t the only blogger blogging about your subject.

How many blogs are there in your industry? How many of your competitors have blogs? You’re vying for the attention of a time-strapped reader who clicks and skims and whizzes through tons of blog posts every day. What are you doing to command this reader’s attention?

Consistent promotion is the key to visibility.

Blog promotion is not a one shot deal. You can’t tweet your post once and expect anyone to see it or take action. You have to promote blog posts consistently to remain visible and build a relationship with your audience.

Once you hit the “publish” button, the real work begins. In order to promote blog posts and get some eyeballs on your posts, you need a system, a real approach to promote blog posts to increase visibility and traffic, gain subscribers, and build a following.

That’s where this handy infographic from Andreea Ayers of comes into play. If you’re going to take the time to write a blog, you owe it to yourself to promote your blog!

After you review this infographic, pick a couple of these tactics and try them out now to promote your blog posts. Then try a couple more next week, and so on. Take the time to experiment with a couple of these tips every week, and see which tactics work best for you.


30 ways to promote blog posts


Once you figure out which tactics work for you, your next step is to create a promotional action plan for your blog. This can be as simple as a checklist of to-do’s for each blog post.

Remember, the goal is to increase visibility and traffic, gain subscribers, and build a following and ultimately a client base. Consistent promotion is the key to visibility.

Miss Kemya

How do you promote your blog posts? 


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7 thoughts on “Simply Hitting Tweet Does Not Constitute A Blog Promotion Strategy

  • Great Tips!! Thank you so much. It explains so much. I hit publish, then shared it on my social media, and while I got a few people coming over, it was nothing. I can’t wait to try out some of these and see how it goes.

    • Awesome Kat! It definitely takes more than 1 share to really drive traffic to your blog. Have fun and experiment with these tactics to see which work best for you. Thanks for stopping by!

  • You hit it, again! Writing the post and hitting publish is the simple part. The real work begins afterwards and requires regular and consistent promotion. That’s why having a content strategy is so important for an effective marketing campaign. The infographic you shared has some really great suggestion!

    Awesome post!

    • Thanks Tamyka! That’s the point I find so many bloggers fail to realize, you have to promote your blog or no one will see it. A “write and they will come” strategy doesn’t get the traffic flowing. Thanks for commenting!

  • Great Information. I am embarrassed to say that I am guilty of just pushing publish. Definitely bookmarking this and looking forward to tweeting you about it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

    • I admit, I used to do the same thing. Blog promotion is hard work, but it pays off. I’m glad to give you a plan of attack, now you can really rock your blog! Thanks for commenting!

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