9 Reasons Why You Should Comment on Blogs

Do you visit a friend’s house, stay for dinner, enjoy a delicious meal, and leave without saying thank you?

Do you read blogs, learn their valuable info, and skip town without saying thanks for the information?

It sounds kind of rude when you think about it like this, doesn’t it?

We’re so accustomed to using social media to send quick thank you’s and opinions that we’ve lost sight of the value of leaving comments on blogs. Or is it that we never really had a firm grasp on the importance of doing so?

Blog comments can be a valuable tool to use to build relationships and build your business.

Comments can show your expertise, expand your audience, and possibly land you a new client.

First things first, your gravatar needs to be set up with a picture of your human face and website.

Gravatars for Beginners

You know how some people have their picture next to their comment, and some don’t? Yes, the picture represents a gravatar.

Some people use a logo as a gravatar – do not do this. A logo doesn’t comment on a blog, a human does. Simple.

Need more information on gravatars? Read my earlier post Create Your Gravatar.

Give love and get love with blog comments, one comment at a time

Now that we’ve established your branded identity, let’s list a few reasons why we should all leave blog comments more often.

9 Reasons to Comment on Blogs

Tell the blogger they aren’t writing to dead air. A comment lets the blog owner know you saw the post. Yes, we can all see blog analytics and see which posts get traffic, but it’s not the same.  Without comments, a blogger can’t put a name to a page visit. So let them know you’re there and you’re listening.

Validate the content shared by letting the writer know how helpful it is. Comments tell the blogger that you’re enjoying the information and finding it useful.

Get yourself some link love! Most blog comment forms ask for your email address and/or website. So when your comment appears your lovely gravatar pic will appear along with it. If the reader clicks your name it will lead them straight to your website. I bet you love this don’t you?!

Some bloggers install plugins, such as CommentLuv, which will promote your latest blog post in your comment area. This is an extra incentive to bloggers to leave a thoughtful comment. It’s yet another juicy backlink to your own blog!

why leave blog comments 03

Comments promote your interests and expertise. A thoughtful comment that adds to a post, or offers a different perspective, will promote your interests and expertise, both to the blog owner and readers. This can spark an extended discussion, additional comments, and the start of new relationships.

Comments drive traffic for different reasons. A reader that likes or agrees with your comment may visit your website. I often get blog traffic from a site I commented on.

Commenting is great for SEO and backlinks. Backlinks are links back to the content on your page. They give search engines an idea of how popular and relevant your site is. The theory is if enough sites are linking to you, you must have some pretty good content. Who doesn’t want to increase their SEO?

why leave blog comments

Commenting helps build relationships with other bloggers, business owners, and future clients. Commenting on a person’s blog can help open the door to them visiting your blog and returning the favor. This happens more often than not, and it just may lead to a great business friendship.

If there are blogs that you frequent time and time again, and you post thoughtful comments that add to the discussion, and you interact on a regular basis, you’ve just become a part of the blog’s community. Again, it’s all about relationships. You never know where your next opportunity may come from.

A social media comment is just not the same

Granted, like so many of us, I give a brief comment on Twitter or Facebook, but that’s not the same as commenting directly on the post. This is appreciated, but it just doesn’t have the same effect as a blog comment, besides the fact that there’s usually not enough space for a decent comment.

Post your comment directly on the blog itself.

The same goes for those lifestyle blogs we read. It’s not just about commenting on business blogs, comment where you find value. Did a post make you laugh? Tell the writer about it. Did a post lead you to try something new or checkout a suggested resource? Say thanks for the suggestion.

Of course the icing on the cake would be to add a comment in both places, the blog and via social media. So go ahead, share the love!

But I don’t know what to say…

Now, you might be thinking, I don’t know what to say. Well, guess what? You aren’t the only person to think this. When I read a great article, I might not have anything “worthwhile” to add. But there’s a reason why I thought the article was great. This forms the basis of my comment!

Get started with blog comments

Here’s an easy way to get started as you comment on blogs: Let the writer know why you liked the post or found it helpful.

A comment that shows the writer you read the post, understood the material, and want to put the information into practice goes a long way. You don’t have to write a thesis, 2-3 sentences will suffice until you get the hang of it. For more information on how to comment, take a look at “A Quick Word on Blog Comment Etiquette.”

I’ve challenged myself to comment directly on blog posts more often. Of course I’ll continue to share my comments via social media, but I appreciate so much of the valuable information that bloggers share, I feel it only responsible to show my appreciation and leave a brief comment.

Miss Kemya


Do you see the value of the blog comment? Get some practice here and post a comment to let me know what you learned or what you think!


9 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Should Comment on Blogs

  • Jessica

    I couldn’t agree with you more! If I really like a post, I’ll even read a bunch of the comments to get more out of it, but I do think that it’s important to leave thoughtful comments. I always try to add something to the conversation, because saying the same thing on too many blogs is actually bad for everyone’s SEO.

    • I love reading blog comments. It gives you insight into what other readers are thinking, and how the audience interacts with the writer. And it can give you inspiration for your own posts. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Jessica:)

  • Love this Kemya, as a blogger I know personally I love dialogue and to know that readers are receiving value. Comments motivate me to ask empowering questions and to discover what the readers will want in the future. As a reader I feel its my way of saying thank you as well.

    • I couldn’t agree more Danica! Comments are a valuable source of intel for bloggers. And I leave comments to say thank you to the blogger for sharing. We get so much information for free that we often take it for granted. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:)

  • You are so right. Every blogger loves to have comments on their Posts!! It motivates them to continue blogging. Lately it’s not been happening so I have formed a facebook page called Bloggers Circle of Friends where all members are encouraged to share their Post and leave comments on two Posts. Not sure if it’s a good idea or not but we have managed to make more blogger contacts that way.

    • I love that idea Mina! It’s a shame that people don’t take the time to leave comments, especially during a blog challenge. That’s why so many bloggers give up, they don’t think anyone pays attention.

      Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment!

  • That’s a great way to think about it Shayla, it is like leaving a tip. I never thought about it that way. I appreciate the tip; thanks for commenting!

  • Shayla

    I found that all of these are very good points. I am very big on writing reviews on the many books that I read on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. I feel the same when I read a good blog post, I like to think of it as leaving a tip for the creator or the work.

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