A Quick Guide to Blog Comment Etiquette

We learned why you should comment directly on a blog, and all the benefits and goodwill that manifest as a result in the previous post 9 Reasons Why You Should Comment On Blogs. Let’s take a moment to briefly mention a few rules of blog comment etiquette as you begin commenting more often.


Blog Comment Etiquette Tips

Blog Comment Etiquette

  1. Act Like You Care. Say more than just “hello”, “great post” or any other generic line. Mention the topic, answer a question posed, and let the writer know you really read the post.
  2. Avoid the Hit and Run. Don’t comment and run. Make sure you check back, or better yet, subscribe to follow-up comments via email. This way you’ll be able to see when someone replies or references your comment.
  3. Manners Matter. Don’t be snippy or rude. You don’t have to agree with a blogger’s position; most bloggers welcome a different perspective. But don’t be rude and trash a writer or a point of view. I’ve seen this before and it makes me want to grab a ruler and smack the offender’s hands.


Do you understand the power of blog comments? View my SlideShare presentation and learn why you should get in the habit of commenting on blogs you enjoy.



Blog Owner Etiquette Is Also Important

Blog owners have a responsibility to exercise good manners as well. As blog owner, you should respond to every comment, yes every comment. You need to say thank you to your audience, unless you’re getting so many comments (as in hundreds) that you can’t possibly respond to them all.

Keep in mind, blogging is an interactive experience. The purpose isn’t to simply share content, you’re also engaging the thoughts and interests of your audience. You hit publish, someone comments, and you respond to say thank you. Show your audience you appreciate them taking the time to leave a comment. I wish more bloggers followed this rule of etiquette.


This easy list of blog comment etiquette rules should be enough to help you get your feet wet and avert disaster. Now that you’re officially primed to start commenting, why not start here let me know what you think about commenting?

Do you have additional suggestions to add to the good manners list? Let me know!

Miss Kemya


How often do you leave blog comments, if at all? Why don’t you comment?




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