Why SEO Is Crucial To A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

In the twenty first century, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be online. This doesn’t just mean paying lip service to a drag and drop builder inspired website, a Facebook page that is never updated and a blog that has a solitary post from six months ago. I think we can agree, a half-baked attempt is not going to offer any benefits it in our crowded online world.

Whether you are an experienced online marketer, or you are taking your first steps into entrepreneurship, this much is clear: you need to be visible, proactive and reactive online. This is the medium that will foster greater interactivity with your potential customer base, will enable you to grow and will increase your profitability.

Why SEO Is Crucial To A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO is the relatively new kid on the block to help new business ventures to find their place online. To be visible and have people find you online, you need search engine optimization across your platforms. Let’s take a look at why SEO is crucial to a strong digital marketing strategy.

Why SEO is crucial to a strong digital marketing strategy

Organic Search

You may assume that a lot of the traffic arriving to your website is via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. However, if you have Google Analytics (or another traffic analytics tool) you will see that organic searches are a key facet of your website hits. Therefore, you need to maximize the traffic from this route to your site.

‘Googling’ has found its way into the English language as a verb. To ‘Google’ means to search for something. This can be a piece of knowledge or, more often than not, a product or a service. A solid SEO strategy always includes a goal of getting your website to be the one to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. Being visible on Google is key if you are to compete with your established industry rivals. Having a website with strong SEO capabilities means that keywords are paramount within your content, meta tags are utilized and your branding is high up in the Google search algorithms.

If you want to go the pay-per-click route, a nuanced AdWords campaign will ensure that you can pay for the most lucrative keywords in terms of traffic and specific hits. Investing in your SEO will be money well spent in getting your startup visible and increasing your sales figures.

Customer Trust

With excellent SEO implementation, a more positive customer experience can be expected by those individuals clicking on the link to your site. The advancements in the Google algorithms now ensure that those sites that appear higher up in the ranking tend to offer a more intuitive website for customers. They want to know that they will get what they want within three clicks and no more.

You may also find that your SEO captures review sites as well as your direct site. Achieve exceptional feedback from your target market, and this will be what first greets any potential new customers. This perfect to expand your brand and support your digital marketing strategy.

Long Term Plans

Over time, your SEO can become more nuanced as you discover, through analytics, which keywords are most profitable. Then, you can craft separate campaigns based on different goals. For example, if you want more likes on Facebook, you’ll implement a different strategy than if you want more reviews on your website. In the long term, SEO becomes another piece of your digital marketing puzzle.

SEO is a long term, yet lucrative approach, to building a profitable and prominent online presence. Start small, take it slowly and enjoy weaving your SEO magic to make your startup more relevant, visible and competitive.

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