Want Your Blog To Be Different? Take The Lead With A Blog Challenge

How can you make your blog different? How can you stand out from the crowd?

There were 130 million blogs between WordPress and Tumblr alone in 2012. More in 2013 and that’s before you include all the other blogging platforms such a Blogger, SquareSpace and Wix.

That’s a lot of bloggers vying for attention.

Crying out. Wanting to be heard.

There’s even more pressure if you’re using blogging as a marketing tool for your business or blogging as a business.

Standing Out From The Crowd (The Importance Of Having A POD)

“In an overcrowded, hypercompetitive world, the only way to make an impression on your prospect is to break through the noise.” – Success Magazine

The blogging world is no different to the business world – after all they have significant crossover. Having a point of difference (POD) is essential to your blogging success.

A point of difference will help your right audience identify you and ‘weed out’ those that aren’t a great match. It demonstrates why a reader should choose to return to your blog regularly instead of seeking an alternative.

It helps your readers identify your voice and what you stand for.

Build Your POD With A Blog Challenge

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed:

All the ‘how to stand out from the blogging crowd’ posts have useful tips for blogging in general but none of them focus on engaging with your audience through a common challenge as a point of difference.

Lead A Blog Challenge

What Is A Blog Challenge?

A blog challenge is an event or contest that requires bloggers to complete a set activity or goal before the end. Blog challenges have a host and/or moderator that leads participants through the process and encourages community strengthening.

For example, Kelly Kingman, of Kelly Kingman Media, decided to host Content Palooza as a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) spinoff for bloggers. The aim is to write 30,000 words that can be used for blog posts, ebooks, online courses, and more. The participants support each other to reach the goal.

Marissa Roberts of Beautifully Organised hosts the Neat & Tidy Challenge helping busy mums to better juggle all the demands on their time and organise their homes. Marissa uses her challenge blog posts to tell participants which room they will focus for each month and recruit new participants who also become newsletter subscribers.

Blog challenges can follow a variety of structures such as:

    • Email delivery;
    • Blog posts only;
    • Blog posts with link ups;
    • Social media delivery.

The structure you choose will be dependent on your identified blogging goals and what would work best for your target audience.

You goal should be to help your readers (and potential clients) solve a common challenge. By leading and empowering them to a solution you will enable them get to know you and build trust.

They will also identify you as the leader in your niche. An expert or authority they can look to for support.

Is A Blog Challenge The Strategy For You?

You know how important it is to be a recognized leader in your niche. You’ve identified your blogging goals. Now you need to take the lead.

It’s time to decide if a blog challenge is right for you and your target audience. To help you decide you can download the first chapter of How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge for free.

Have you hosted a blog challenge? Will you take the lead?


Caylie Price, owner of Better Business Better Life , is currently working her way around the interwebs with her 21 day Blogging For Growth tour. She is also co-author of How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge. Download the first chapter FREE to learn more.

Special thanks to Caylie Price for writing this post and introducing me to blog challenges!

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  • Jen McLaughlin

    I started doing monthly blog projects in January as a way for me to go deeper into health and wellness topics (and mostly to keep me focused and dedicated to my blog). But I love the idea of turning it into Swingin’ Challenges! They feel so much more exciting than projects! The structure and community support of NanNoWriMo allowed me to finish the first draft of a novel years ago so I can’t wait to check out that spin-off blog challenge. Thanks for these awesome resources. **Oh and this purple color of your blog instantly lowered my blood pressure. 🙂

    • I totally agree Jen, Swingin’ Challenges do feel more exciting! I can’t to participate in more of them. Thanks for commenting! **And this purple background is my absolute my favorite, so glad you like it too!

  • Leanne Chesser

    I’ve thought about hosting a blog challenge, but haven’t yet. I know the benefits, for sure. I’ll check out your chapter. Thanks for sharing :).

    • Hi Leanne, now you can go for it and host a challenge! I’ve just been introduced to blog challenges by Caylie, and I’m hooked, what a way to stand out from other blogs. Thanks for commenting!

    • Glad you know the benefits Leanne! Thanks for buying a copy of the book. Be sure to let me know when you are ready to host your challenge!

  • Kim

    Yay! Thank you for writing this post. I’m going to be hosting some Swingin’ Challenges of my own in August + I learned so much from your post. Thanks again!

    • Hi Kim, I’m so glad you learned something from Caylie’s post. I’ll have to swing by your blog in August and follow your challenges too. Thanks for commenting!

    • Hey Kim,

      I was just reading about your plans – way to go chick! Now if only I was a mum I’d join in – will help spread the word though. 🙂


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