Use These Twitter Stats To Help You Get More Conversions

Could you use some help with your Twitter game? Perhaps you’re tweeting not-so-regularly, but your tweets aren’t getting you any engagement? Maybe learning a few Twitter stats can help you figure out how to tweak your strategy!

It’s no secret that Twitter is my favorite social media platform. How do I love Twitter? Let me count the ways

It is no secret that I have a love affair with Twitter, as it’s my favorite social media platform. There are many uses for Twitter, including,

  • connecting with key influencers
  • demonstrating your expertise in 140 characters or less (yes, it is possible)
  • reaching PR folks and responding to opportunities
  • finding speaking engagements
  • catching up on the latest marketing trends
  • performing geographic and industry advanced searches to find people

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons I like Twitter is that it’s an easy platform to use get conversions. That’s what the infographic below is all about.

If you’re not as well versed in the uses of Twitter, and how to increase your conversions, this infographic is full of Twitter stats you need to know. It mentions key tips to follow, such as

  • asking for a retweet
  • the power of shortened links and images
  • when to tweet,
  • why responsiveness matters
  • and more.

So take notes, and step your Twitter game up!

12 Twitter Stats To Help Get You More Conversions

12_Twitter_Stats_to_Help_Get_You_More_Conversions_InfographicSource: Hubspot

Miss Kemya

How do you use Twitter as a marketing tool?




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