Why Twitter Is My Social Media Super Hero

Twitter is hands down my favorite social media platform. There is no contest, no close second. So why do I love Twitter so much?

If you aren’t regularly using Twitter for business, you will want to after reading this post. Just giving you a heads up. 


Why Do I Love Twitter… Let Me Count The Ways


Why Does Miss Kemya Love Twitter

The Twitter feed moves faster than any of the other social media platforms, and my feed is always interesting. I can find conversations on the state of government affairs, the latest celebrity drama, and business tips in a blink of an eye. It’s perfect for a fast reading skimmer like myself.

Twitter is my number one research tool! It has become such a valuable resource for me that I search on Twitter for someone or something before I hit the Google search bar. Seriously.

Anybody who is anybody is on Twitter

Did I really mean that? Yup, sure did! Twitter is the easiest way to reach PR folks and key influencers. Search a well branded company name or a person’s name, and you can find them pretty easily. I’m an entrepreneur who likes to interact and stay up to date with key people and trends. And I don’t like to waste time. Enough said.

The power of the #hashtag

Hashtags are probably the best thing since… I can’t even compare. Hashtags allows you to find whatever you need when it. Other platforms try to use hashtags, but hashtags have never picked up the momentum and significance like they have on Twitter. When using hashtags for business, you can easily save hours of research, target your efforts, and reach the right people.

There are no extra words to read. Twitter makes for easily digestible sound bites. It’s amazing how succinct you have to be when you only have 140 characters to get your  point across. Twitter has definitely made me a better writer and communicator.

Lists and favorites are a Twitter user’s best friends

Using Twitter lists allows me to segment my following by my own criteria. In this way, I can follow tons of people, categorize them, and put my laser pointer on those folks I want to connect with at a given time.

It makes managing a busy Twitter feed so much easier. In addition, I can add people to lists without following them, and I can follow other people’s lists. My hero!

Being able to save tweets as favorites has proven invaluable for me. I don’t always have time to read an article, save it or email it to myself. My favorites serves as my ‘saved’ folder that I can reference when I get a chance. And I can reference favorites that I saved a year ago, no expiration date. I can’t recount the number of times I’ve searched through my favorites because I remembered a particular tweet from eons ago and I find it right when I need it.

Twitter makes friends with third-party apps 

Twitter wants you to use third-party platforms and apps to make the most of your tweeting experience. Using a social media platform’s native application is nice, but there are so many companies that focus on building apps that integrate with social media. And Twitter seems to embrace this type of integration.

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I could go on forever about the benefits of Twitter and why it ranks number one in my book. As you can tell, I heart me some Twitter! C’mon over and tweet me @MissKemya.

Miss Kemya


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What’s your favorite social media platform?



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