Top 5 Must Have Twitter Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Are you using Twitter lists to manage your Twitter timeline? When you’re actively using Twitter, consistently following and engaging new tweeps, your following will grow so large that it will become a challenge to manage.

Twitter lists are one way to manage your busy timeline. Twitter gives you the easy ability to group people into specific lists, which you can refer to quickly to catch up with tweets you may have otherwise missed.

Twitter lists are the best, most effective way to isolate tweets from specific people, so that you can look at them separate from your crowded timeline.

Quick Tip: Did you know you can follow Twitter profiles using lists without actually following their accounts, which means these users aren’t notified that you’re following them. Technically, you’re not following; you’re just observing their public Twitter timeline.

Twitter Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

It is imperative to create a social media strategy when using social media for business. A part of this strategy will be how to effectively use each social media platform.

When using Twitter for business, I recommend creating specific lists as a part of this strategy. At a minimum, every entrepreneur should create the following lists.

List 1: Existing Clients

Keep track of what your current and previous clients are doing via Twitter. Retweet, comment and otherwise show your clients some Twitter love as part of the relationship building process. Tweeting with your previous clients is also an easy way to stay in front of them without sales pitching.

List 2: Prospective Clients

Twitter is one of the handiest social media platforms when it comes to research. If you have a new lead on your radar, be sure to check them out on Twitter. Companies often talk about their upcoming products and projects on social media, so you can get insight into a prospect’s business without having to cold call and be a nuisance.

Provide helpful information and resources without sleazy sales pitches. Retweet and comment on their content. Cultivate those relationships, and you’ll know to pitch your products and services to them. They just might come to your first!

List 3: Bloggers & PR Folks In Your Niche

Keeping a list of bloggers and PR professionals is a great way to connect with a bigger audience and stay in the know. Why? These folks post about guest blogging opportunities, events, and what they’re looking for. Developing a relationship with bloggers and PR firms in your niche is relatively easy on Twitter.

You can make initial contact with simple retweets and comments to start the relationship building process. Bloggers and PR folks are your media ‘in’, so be sure you establish and maintain a relationship with them.

List 4: Competitors

Easily refer to this list to review your competitors’ latest tweets for ideas, inspiration or potential collaborations, you get the idea. As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking at what your competition is doing, their hits and misses. And who knows, you may find an opportunity to partner and work together.

List 5: Your Closest Friends

Just because you’re using Twitter for business, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your friends. Lists gives you the easy ability to group your friends into specific lists which you can refer to quickly to catch up with tweets you may have otherwise missed.

You can even create friends lists based on certain criteria, such as local, social media BFFs, etc. We all get busy, and this is an easy way to keep in touch with friends!


Public Lists vs. Private Lists

Once you create a list, you can mark it as public or private. A public list means anyone can see who’s on the list. A private list is just that, only you as the creator will know who is on the list.

Quick Tip: Did you know you can also subscribe to other people’s public lists? Find people and brands you respect on Twitter, and look at the lists they belong to. Note the number of members on the list and consider subscribing to it if that number is decent. This is a great way to find like-minded people to connect with.

Expand Your Twitter Lists By Additional Criteria

The examples I’ve given you so far are the basic lists every entrepreneur should be using. But you can take it a step further, and create additional lists based on certain criteria, such as:

    • Your local city
    • Industry
    • Top big brands in your niche
    • Conferences attendees
    • Members of organizations you belong to

You get the idea. This is a great way to manage your time using social media, especially using Twitter!

Miss Kemya


Do you use Twitter Lists? How do you use them to make connecting on Twitter easier?



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  • Naomi@business start ups

    Hi Miss Kemya,

    I really like #2 Prospective Clients.

    I’ve never thought of this before. I will be trying this one, I’ll let you know how I get on.



    • Hi Naomi,

      Yes, taking a look at prospective client tweets can give you insight into the company, and a lead in for conversation. Glad you learned something, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  • Janelle

    Ugh I don’t have a single list! #shamed I will add that to my TO DO list for this week. Having a job is easy!

  • Thanks for sharing. Definitely gives me a different perspective about how and why I should be using the platform. I had not considered making the “IN” connection on #3.


  • Nnena Nchege

    I am newbie to the twittersphere so this is such timely information. Now i need a quick tutorial on the beef of it all but this makes it plain why I should not give up. Thanks for sharing … n

    • You definitely want to stick with it. Twitter can be a great resource for research and connecting with key people in your industry. Feel free to search my ‘Twitter’ category here on this blog, I’ve written quite a few posts that should be helpful:)

  • Je Tuan Lavyonne

    I live by my twitter list! It’s really what I contribute a lot of my success to. It’s made my engagement a lot more authentic and I can see what each set of people are doing.

    • I don’t know how I would manage my timeline without my Twitter lists either Je Tuan. There’s no way I can keep track of key people without them.

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