SWIBA 2012 – We Laughed, We Learned, We Conquered!

From the very first time I heard Stiletto Woman Media CEO KL Wallace share her vision for the first live Stiletto Woman In Business Awards (aka SWIBA) event, I knew it was going to be stellar! I’m talking since DAY 1 this event was destined to become a life changing experience for anyone that participated and attended.

Why was I so tenacious in promoting SWIBA? I knew every female entrepreneur would want to attend this event, whether she knew it or not!

The 2012 Stiletto Woman In Business Awards
started out as a conference, and became an EXPERIENCE!

Team SWIBA Rocked!


A Magnificent Scene to Behold

nullI was filled with pride as I looked out into the audience and observed all these beautiful women that were soaking in all the knowledge from the speakers. You could see the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” and the lightbulbs glowing in our brains as the speakers shared their words of wisdom.

You could feel the strength and sheer determination of those in the room. There was an electric energy from corner to corner, with a little bit of dancing thrown in, thanks to speaker Kelly Lynn Adams!


Speakers Were Power Playersnull

There was so much talent coming from the podium, it was undeniable! The speakers shared succinct, vivid accounts of how they made it to where they are today.

No sugar-coated glory speeches here, this was all guts! They shared motivational and inspirational success stories, weaved with power tactics that each of us could use to our advantage. We took notes all day long!


Strategic Direction and Solutions

Each q&a session was like an open forum, where you could ask questions and everyone that had something to offer would respond. I mean everyone! We said there would be strategy sessions, and we came up with full-blown strategies for those that said they needed it. Never have I attended an event where the attendees took this much time to give tactical advice to each other. This was business building at its finest!

And how could I forget – I have an official print copy of Stiletto Woman Magazine!


The Awards – Passion and Triumph Reigned

It was quite moving to see the honorees receive their awards and to hear their acceptance speeches. They were so humbled and appreciative of the faith and support from the SWIBA community. The honorees shared their struggles, stories of overcoming doubts, fears, and obstacles – all the things that allowed them to ultimately succeed both personally and professionally. Pride and tears flowed everywhere.

Congratulations to the 2012 Stiletto Woman In Business Award Honorees!


Empowerment, Strength, and Support

We shared struggles and success stories, all in the name of empowerment. And you know what, I’m sure every attendee returned home fired up and ready to conquer the world! There was such a sense of communal empowerment, not only professionally, but on a personal level. Like we participated in something BIG, and we did it together in a supportive environment. Everyone who attended needed to be there. This event was tailor made for all of these women.

It was a conference + awards program + professional development session + personal coaching + networking bonanza + empowering experience all neatly wrapped in the SWIBA brand.

It couldn’t have been any better.

I am truly honored to have participated in such a ground-breaking conference.


Whew, did you get all that?

So… who’s joining me at the 2013 SWIBA Awards on March 16th in Atlanta?!

null, book your flight, and I’ll see you there!


Miss Kemya





Psss – did you hear? My blog post recap made the Summer 2012 issue of Stiletto Woman Magazine, whoohoo!


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