Stagnant Social Media Profiles: No Icons Required

I know you’ve seen those companies that have a bunch of social media icons and links on their website asking you to connect with them. But have you noticed for some companies, when you click on the icons, they have outdated profiles, or profiles they don’t really use much? These companies don’t post frequent updates, and they look like they really just put the icons/profiles up for show. Why do some companies do this? Are you one of them?

Here’s a tip to remember when including social media buttons on your website and promo materials: stagnant profiles stink! Nobody said you have to list every single platform you’re registered on. So why list them all? Instead, list the sites you use regularly, and your brand will be stronger for it. Why? Your level of engagement will look more appealing, and your audience will be more apt to connect with you across the different social media platforms.

Remember, you do not have to keep an actively engaged presence on every single social media platform that’s out there. Nor do you have to promote every single profile you set up. As you continue to regularly engage on more platforms, add those social media icons to your website and promo materials. In doing so, your social media activity will remain an effective asset to your business.

Miss Kemya

Meet the Author

Miss Kemya is a Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager at Marketing Sparkler, a boutique marketing firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through offline and online marketing strategies. She provides both consulting and done for you services to brick-and-mortar businesses and digital brands alike.

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