Local Marketing Tips For A Landscaping Business

With more and more people taking pride in their gardens, landscaping has never been more popular. A landscaped garden can increase a home’s value by between 5.5% and 12.7%. This is dependent upon the type of landscape and the home’s original value. If you’re a landscape gardener you may be thinking about how to capitalize on this. Here are some local marketing tips to help your business thrive.

Local Marketing Tips For A Landscaping Business

Local Marketing Tips for a Landscaping Business

Define Your Client

As with any business, you need to know who you want to work for. Once you are aware of this, you can cater your marketing specifically for them. It would be nonsensical using the same marketing techniques for everyone because of their different expectations and budget.

Furthermore, when you have identified your typical client you are able to discover what social media platforms they typically use. Social media enables you to reach out to potential clients directly. Creating a marketing campaign that targets your clients in a meaningful way can provide differentiation between you and a competitor.


Create an Online Presence

The internet is a whole new world that a lot of your clients will be present in. With landscaping becoming more popular and because more people are becoming landscapers, you need to set yourself apart. One way of doing this is blogging about gardening as well as landscaping. You can write a bit or show footage or have a bit of both to keep things interesting. By providing tips and hints for keen gardeners to maintain their garden, people get to see what you’re like as a person and how much you know. This, in turn, builds trust with potential clients.

With 79% of people using Facebook, running an advertising campaign focusing on your target market can be beneficial. This is because Facebook allows you to hone in and focus on potential clients according to their location, gender, age, income, just for starters.

Prepare Free Guides

By preparing a few gardening guides that can be downloaded in exchange for an email and name, you can potentially establish a relationship with clients. Clients get to see that you are not always doing things for money.

In addition, this is very different from soliciting information because potential clients are willingly providing their contact details in exchange for information they need. By using software that will effortlessly deliver the downloadable information within a reasonable time will only further demonstrate your business professionalism.



You’ll need to regularly network, alongside your daily work, on a regular basis. This is because you need to ensure people know who you are and what you do. Being aware of local events and contacting organizers to see how you can participate could be one way to attract more business. Even more so if you have a booth, because you can do quick demonstrations or interactive sessions to encourage people to come over to you. Having price pamphlets or business cards at hand will also be advantageous.

Making contact and establishing a professional relationship with realtors could also be another way of getting extra business. By making this relationship beneficial to both of you, this could become profitable in the long term.

You want to be known within your local community as the landscaper to go to for any of their landscaping needs, then you need to establish your presence. Whilst your work will speak for itself, being a professional and approachable business will cement your reputation within your local community, and more likely beyond, as word of mouth grows.

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