How To Be More Authentic On Social Media

Super glossy, picture-perfect images on social media are so yesterday. Well, kind of. They’re beautiful to look at and make the feed look fantastic – but they don’t keep the fans happy.

People want authenticity to shine through.

When your audience believes in what you are saying, who you are and what you are selling, they are much more likely to purchase from you. And that’s where the money resides, in conversions.

So how can you appear more authentic on social media? Keep reading to find out!

How to Be More Authentic on Social Media

How to be More Authentic On Social Media

Be Human, First

To state the obvious, we are all human. As such, we make mistakes, aren’t perfect, and like to feel part of something. The more human you and your brand are, the more likely you will see people flocking to your page.

Humanizing yourself and your brand shows people that it isn’t about the money or the sales for you (well, it might be a bit) – but there is more to your story.

Be upfront about what you love and what drives you to do what you do. For example, the authentic mission shines through when you follow an influential figure like Pastor Paula White – she is engaging!

Show the effort that goes into what you achieve and how you execute it. Pulling back the curtain and showing people how you run your business, and some of the processes, can be powerful in terms of value and authenticity.

Be Helpful

There are millions of people using social media, and every day thousands of brands post an image of their product and wait. They wait for the buyers to come flooding in. Post and they will come is NOT how it works for the average business or brand.

Sure, there may be a few buyers, but nothing in comparison to what helpful content can bring.

What problem is your product solving, who is it for, and what will they get for buying it? To be profitable, you need to know how to help your audience, and show them.

Use social media to engage in conversations as well as start them. Be helpful without adding your product links into every  response.

Look for industry conversations where you can honestly offer something. Business changes all the time. Opportunities to talk about your services and products happen naturally – you just need to be engaged enough to find them.

Be Honest

It is boring to see multiple CEOs banging their chests and shouting about the million-dollar deals they have just closed. What is interesting, though, is when they talk about the trial and error it took to get there.

Don’t falsely advertise your products (See Red Bull Gives You Wings). Don’t make false claims. And if you sell skincare or make-up, avoid using filters to make the products look better.

It takes consistent work and dedication to ensure that your fans and followers know that you are honest and trustworthy. Loyalty isn’t earned overnight; it takes showing up time after time with the same energy and output.

Being human is more than just selling your service or product; being human will show what you are really about.

And finally, while there should be plenty of ‘real’ on the timeline, don’t be afraid to edit and explore your style and push the limits.

Miss Kemya

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