When Your Brand Engagement Has Gone Down: What’s the Reason?

With the increasing popularity of social media sites, it is surprising that engagement has been declining. One primary reason for this decline is that people are spending less engaged time online than they did a few years ago.

When Your Brand Engagement Has Gone Down: What’s the Reason?


When Your Brand Engagement Has Gone Down


In addition, there have been many changes in how people use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, as everyone shares their lives online, it gets harder to grow a loyal following as the competition is stiff. Here are reasons that may have caused a decline in engagement with your social media content.

You’re Not Giving People What They Want

As you will learn from the guide on Master Blogging, your audience wants to engage with a person. Your audience will not respond well to automated posts, replies, and bots. The expectations change depending on your niche, but generally, users want to engage and recognize a human face, feel a human connection and enjoy real-life interactions.

If someone asks for feedback or shares an idea, they are much more likely to engage in the conversation with other followers and continue following you as long as their voice is heard.

The Seasons Have Changed

Social media used to be driven by news and debates that had an immediate impact on the world. There is a shift in social platforms based on more personal connections with users through individual content creation such as blogging or YouTube videos.

Facebook has changed its algorithm, so it’s not always possible for posts to be seen over a long period. Snapchat has introduced a new algorithm that is more about shared moments than anything else. However, it pays to spread your social media marketing efforts across multiple platforms.

Social Media Is More Competitive

It used to be easy for social media managers to post updates and see their followers grow quickly, but now the competition is stiff. It’s not as easy to keep a large following when everyone is doing the same thing. This means you should make more of an effort to foster human interactions, and engage with fans. This, of course, is in addition to sharing informative and entertaining content.

You’re Not Focused On Building One-On-One Relationships

Social media managers are seeing an increase in successful engagement strategies as they take time out of their day to focus on cultivating authentic relationships with their followers, one at a time. It may be hard work, but the quality of engagement improves. The audience feels appreciated, and they are more likely to remain loyal.

For example, promote customers on your page as a way of recognizing their support for you. Alternatively, use live videos to create an intimate experience with followers you may not meet up with in person. Other strategies could include posting content that is unique and personalized, and resonates better with the audience.

Your Content is Stale

It is tempting to post the same content on all platforms, because it may be as simple as a click of one button. However, you shouldn’t share the same content on all social media platforms at the same time.

For example, if you share a video of an event with your Facebook audience and then re-post it as a link within Twitter messages or LinkedIn posts, your followers will recognize that they have already seen the video. They won’t be as engaged as they would be if you had posted a fresh video, or with a different caption. Spread this content across different platforms as different intervals, to catch followers who are browsing at different times.

Stay up to date with the social media trends, and understand your audience’s dynamic expectations. Then, execute a plan that addresses these expectation, and you’ll build an engaged following.

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