The Greatest Email Writing Script To Create An Engaging Welcome Email Sequence

If you’re looking for the best way to reach your target audience, email is still the answer you’re searching for. Believe it or not, research shows that 78% of marketers attribute their success to emails. Plus, for every $1 spent on email marketing, they saw an average of $42 return! Are you a believer, yet?

Now, the question is how can you write an email script that will actually lead to conversions? We have some simple tips for you to do just that and we’re even giving you a script to get you off on the right track. We’re awesome like that.

The Greatest Email Writing Script To Creating An Engaging Welcome Email Sequence

The Greatest Email Writing Script to Creating an Engaging Welcome Email Sequence

The Buyer’s Journey

Anyone that’s been around marketing for some time will likely have heard of the buyer’s journey. However, If this is news to you, we’re going to quickly fill you in on the main points so you understand why it matters.

The buyer’s journey is the path that a buyer goes through when making a purchase. It consists of three stages:

    1. Awareness Stage: This first stage is when the buyer realizes they have a need or want that they want to do something about.
    2. Consideration Stage: The buyer then begins researching how to address their problem. They may compare vendors or products and weigh the pros and cons of each.
    3. Decision Stage: Lastly, the buyer makes their decision about who to purchase from and commits to a sale.

Why does this matter to you? Because a customer should be spoken to based on where they’re at in this journey. Early on, you may need to speak to their pleasure or pain points and make them aware of your solution but later in the process, you may need to offer discounts to help them go with you.

How to Write the Greatest Welcome Email Sequence

Every email sequence should contain certain qualities that help capture the reader and move them towards taking action. Following these tips to make sure you have those important qualities will make sure your messages don’t fall on deaf ears.

A Compelling Subject Line

Your subject line matters. Look at this line like you would the bouncer at a nightclub. He’s your ticket in or the reason you’re standing in the cold. Your subject has to grab the reader’s attention and make them care enough to open your email.

Relevant Language

Remember the buyer’s journey? This is where it really matters. Your email list should be segmented based on where the subscriber is at in their buyer journey. If they’re early in the process, they should be in your welcome sequence. If they’re a regular customer, they’ll be on a nurture sequence. Your language should be relevant to where they’re at on their path.


Your email campaign should appeal to a large audience, however, you should also try to personalize your emails when possible. Insert the reader’s name throughout the message or give a shout-out about their past purchases. Make sure they feel like they matter to you and that you’re actually sending them a personal note.

Error-Proof Messages

Before you hit “send,” proofread! Then, do it again. After that, have someone else read it for you with fresh eyes. It can be tedious but this is a step that shouldn’t be skipped especially since nearly every word processor and email provider has a built-in spell-check.

Clear Call-to-Action

Every email in your campaign should include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that lets the reader know what their next step should be. Be certain that they know what to do, beyond a shadow of a doubt whether it’s signing up for a class or downloading a freebie.

Every Great Welcome Email Sequence Includes These 5 Things

Greatest Email Script Ever

To help you out, even more, we’re giving you the greatest email script ever. All you have to do is take these six prompts and fill them in with your business details and sparkling personality.

Email 1: Welcome Friend! Here’s Your Promised Freebie!

Your first email should be a quick “thank you” for registering and then delivering the freebie they likely signed up to receive. If you didn’t offer one, go ahead and add a download to show your appreciation.

Email 2: Meet Us

This email is where you introduce the reader to yourself and your core team. Include pictures so they can really connect with you. Remember, buyers want to do business with people they like and it’s hard to like you without knowing you.

Email 3: Here’s My Story

Stories sell! Try to have three foundational stories about your business that you can use for different scenarios to engage people. Got them ready? Use one of them in this email to tell a story about why you got into the business and then give them another freebie just to make them feel special.

Email 4: Listen to What My Customers Say!

You know what really gives buyers assurance that you’ll deliver on your promises? Testimonials! Share 2-3 customer stories from people with different backgrounds and experiences so more readers will relate to them.

Email 5: Time is Running Out!

You’re getting close to the end of the script so now is the time to give the readers a sense of urgency. Thinking about what your goal is for your campaign. Do you want them to sign up for something? Buy your product? No matter the details, you need to educate them about it here and encourage them to take action SOON with a clear CTA.

Email 6: Time to Go (for Now)

The final email should let the reader know that while you’ve enjoyed introducing them to your business, they’ve come to the end of the line for now. Include another CTA with a note of urgency in it so they’re encouraged to act now. Really want to seal the deal? Include a discount or special offer.

Hello New Subscribers!

Writing an email script can cause stress for even the most seasoned marketer. That’s why we wanted to help you out with this easy and effective script plus tips! Keep this guide handy and be prepared for more engagement than you’ve ever had as readers learn more about you, your company, and why their life would be better with both of you in it.

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