Foolproof Ways to Advertise Your New Law Firm

Whether you’re freshly out of law school, or an experienced lawyer who is finally starting their own firm, practicing law in a big city or starting out in a rural town, you’re going to need to market yourself to attract new clients and get name recognition out there. Lawyers are no exception when it comes to small businesses and self-employed people who need to utilize marketing and PR to grow their brand. This is true no matter what type of law you practice and what type of firm you run.

Foolproof Ways to Advertise Your New Law Firm

Luckily, there are several tried-and-true marketing tips for law firms to easily attract clients, helping them get the word out to those in their community that they can offer excellent legal services with trusted expertise. Using just one or two of these tips will grow your firm; using all of them will bring in more clients than you know what to do with! Our favorites are below.

Foolproof ways to advertise your new law firm

Engage Locally

Of all the PR and marketing tips we could give, this one is arguably the most important. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city or a small town. For a hands-on, community-driven profession like law, you must engage with locals in your community and build relationships. Local marketing is paramount to establishing your practice.

Lawyers often deal with people and businesses at their most vulnerable points, their livelihood based on knowing personal information and utilizing said information in the best way to get results. You’re going to battle for your clients – which means they have to be able to trust you. The best way to build that trust is to get out there and get to know people on a personal basis. Attend those fundraisers, local events, charity parties, and more. Sponsor local groups, sports teams and businesses, patronize local businesses where you can, putting your dollars back into the community. Not only will it get your name out there but it will show your community that you’re willing to give back.

Holding a local event such as an open house is also a great idea. As is paying for advertising in local publications, newspapers and websites. Purchasing unique merchandise with your logo/information to pass out around town, in tandem with local marketing initiatives, is an efficient way to maximize your local visibility.

Give Back

Engaging locally is a great way to build your reputation and enrich relationships. Charitable donations given often are even better, but you can do more.

Lawyers and law firms who volunteer their time, offer free consultations, and where applicable, do pro-bono work for vulnerable and marginalized members of their community often have more success and a bigger client list than those who don’t. Showing your community that you care and that you’re willing to volunteer your time and expertise to those who are in need will go so much further than any advertisement ever would.

Outsource to Niche Marketers for Law Firms

If you’ve been doing all your marketing yourself, you may have reached burnout and simply don’t know where else to turn. There are only so many ads you can pay for. Unless you have actual PR or advertising experience, you may be finding that you’ve hit a brick wall. Or perhaps you simply don’t have time to devote to marketing while also taking care of your client list.

Did you know you can hire teams who specialize in law firm advertising and marketing? It’s true! Outsourcing your marketing is a great idea for any busy firm who wants to utilize the best in marketing without taking up too much of their time. These firms are experienced and adept at using the best marketing tools to grow your business both locally and nationally. They’ll utilize platforms such as social media, apps and websites, SEO and search engine marketing, lead tracking, legal directories, analytics, email marketing, and so much more. Employing a marketing firm to do your advertising is well worth the money, as they’ll leave no stone unturned in growing your firm, allowing you to focus on what’s important: the clients.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. These are just a few ideas on how to market and advertise your small law firm. There are lots more tips and tricks out there, but for the highest ROI, starting with these three steps is your best bet. Engaging with the community, giving back, and outsourcing when necessary are all savvy and smart ways to get brand recognition for your firm while solidifying your name as a trusted legal expert in your community. You’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor for years to come with a trusted client base and stellar reputation.

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