I’m Stuck On A Deserted Island, Where’s My Coffee Cup?

I’ve been exiled to a private island, with glorious animals, crystal clear blue water, and pink sandy beaches. Now what am I supposed to eat?

Well, that’s the question posed to me, courtesy of today’s Just Blog It challenge. So, the five foods I must have on a deserted island are as follows:

Stuck on a deserted island I must have coffee

Cherries. Fresh cherries. Yummmm.

Jasmine green tea already sweetened with natural sugar. Hot or cold, this is my favorite tea. I can’t live without my tea.

Coffee with extra cream and sugar – just in case you wanna bring me a cup of coffee, now you know how I drink it! I’ve been drinking it all my life, exile will not make me stop.

Avocados. I’ve been on an avocado kick for several months now and it doesn’t seem to waning! I can eat them or use them on my skin as a moisturizer. They’re a great multi-purpose exile food, and a girl’s gotta take care of her skin, right?

must have fresh food on a deserted island

Hmm, ok so that’s 4 foods I must have, without question. What’s the fifth food? Well, I have bread issues, as in, I love good bread. Gimme a sourdough, an onion focaccia, a loaf of raisin bread, a scone…

If I had to choose, my fifth food would probably be orange scones from Panera Bread. If you haven’t indulged in such a treat, yet, what are you waiting for? Oh my gosh, they are a heavenly creation!

I’m going to live off the fresh seafood and fish living in the island waters, so I don’t need to bring that with me. Smart thinking huh? So bring on the sushi!

So there you have it, my five must-have foods while I’m living in exile on a deserted island. I had fun writing this post, can’t you tell?

Miss Kemya

This completely random post is part of the reason why Just Blog It is so much fun! Even though the challenge is for entrepreneurs, we get bored writing about business all the time. So me and my co-host Brandi thought, why not mix it up with a few random posts to get to know the people behind the businesses.  Looks like we made the right choice, the random posts are pretty fun!


If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would be your must-have food?



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