Email Marketing Is Alive And Well [Infographic]

Do you still read emails? Of course you do, and so do I! And I bet your current and future customer still read emails too. So don’t forgo email marketing just yet!

Don’t believe the hype… Email marketing is not dead

Email marketing, when integrated with your online and offline marketing initiatives, can greatly impact your business because people are specifically asking for your offers.

This infographic, created by the good folks over at LeadPages, gives a great overview of email marketing best practices, along with some helpful suggestions you can immediately incorporate into your own email campaigns.

With so many businesses touting the death of email marketing in favor of social media, I found this infographic refreshing. These stats and insights further illustrate the power of email as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

As you will see, email marketing is not dead… it’s alive and well, and here to stay!

Email marketing best practices infographic

Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam via Marketing Show


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AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

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