Why Choose the Top 3 Social Media Platforms For Your Small Business

When it comes to putting a marketing plan together, it’s important to know how to include a social media campaign into your plan. Because social media is an incredible tool to make use of in the modern day and age, and being able to utilize it to its full power is key for success in your small business.

Before you get started with every single social media platform out there, it’s important to know what social media platforms are best for a small company like yours. So, here are the top three, with a little more detail about why they’re so powerful below.

Why Choose the Top 3 Social Media Platforms For Your Small Business

Why Choose the Top 3 Social Media Platforms For Your Small Business


Facebook is quite an old social media platform, and it’s been around the block, meaning there’s a lot of features that are small business friendly. Not to mention just how many users there are on Facebook; over a billion, who are active on a very regular basis.

Indeed, advertising on social media is incredibly easy on Facebook, and with help from people like those at dappergoat.com, you could very well corner your niche market over the next 6 months. Facebook Business Pages are made for companies like you!


Instagram is still fast growing, and that means it’s a great platform for a small business to jump on and get going! Of course, if you’re planning to be active on a daily basis at least, you can very well push your posts to the front page of Instagram.

Instagram is visual based, and via a use of photos, stories, and videos, you could build a real audience for your brand here. Instagram also has a very specific userbase; composed mostly of the younger generation, this is a good way to appeal to all corners of the market. This is particularly true if you use it, alongside marketing on Facebook. People browse Instagram at all times, as the platform is designed for mobile use. This means users can easily use it while they’re on the go. In short, you could always be in your audience’s pocket.


Twitter is a great place to run advertisements. They seem to have a slightly higher click through rate than ads that are placed on Facebook. However, it loses the edge because of just how fast moving and competitive the world of Twitter is. Engagement demands you to be on the ball at all times, and when combined with both Instagram and Facebook, that may take a lot out of your business schedule.

And yet, when used right, it’s still good for your small business. It’s a good way to come up with a lot of traffic towards your business, which not only helps you to rank better on Google, but it also ensures you have a target audience to help dictate how you’ll be promoting on social media in the future. Besides this, out of the big 3, Twitter is a perfect platform to use as a research tool. Many users (like myself), check Twitter for trending news and topics before any other platform!


Social media platforms are there to be used as tools, and it’s important to know which ones are best for your company. Figure out where your desired audience is looking for the solutions that your business provides. Then craft a social media strategy that meets your audience where they are. Make sure you keep these three above at the top of your list, as they are likely to work out best!

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