How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign: 9 Steps to Follow

It can seem quite daunting trying to create the best social media campaigns that will work. However,we can agree that it’s quite important, as you can see enterprise-level companies spending a ton to make sure they hit the front pages of social media networks. What if you don’t have as much of the resources that big companies have, particularly in time and money?

What’s great about social media is that you don’t necessarily need to hire the snazziest agency to create and implement a good campaign. With that said, what you do need is a good plan.

Where do you start? Read on as I show you the steps and tips you can follow to create and run a successful social media campaign!

How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign

A lot of small business owners have trouble knowing where to begin when creating a social media campaign. Surprisingly, it can be quite easy as long as you have the proper knowledge! To create a social media campaign similar to what internet marketing companies would do, follow these steps:

How To Create A Successful Social Media Campaign

1.      Research Your Competitors

This is an important step many marketers forget when it comes to social media marketing. But you need to do this so you know what works (and what doesn’t) with your competitors. When you gather such information, it gives you insight on what you can do to improve your campaigns.

When you uncover your competitors’ social media strategies, it allows you to create better and unique ones. There are competitor analysis tools to help you monitor and receive reports on what your competition is up to.

2.      Create the Strategy

Once you’ve seen what your competitors are up to, it’s time to make strategies for your social media campaigns. Since it can be complex, break it down to make things easier.

    • Select a goal for your campaign. Do you need to drive more leads, promote the blog, build a community, or sell?
    • Now, what metrics for you plan on monitoring, whether it’s the number of users who contact you or who click links that promote lead magnets.
    • Afterwards, create brand messaging and content based on your goals.

3.      Promote One Message Using Different Content

When you have the messaging, the next step is to create content. But you shouldn’t create just ONE form of content for all social media channels. You need to use various formats when delivering your message, based on where you plan to publish it.

Create videos, infographics, blog posts, and more. You can even go live to answer questions or talk about topics related to your business and brand, then post it as a regular video for your audience to view again. Post such content on your website and other social media platforms, and see which gains the most relevant traction.

Promote different kinds of content

4.      Balance Between Promotional and Non-Promotional Content

While posting promotional content is great to spread the word to your followers, posting too much of it causes disinterest. Facebook, among other social media platforms, constantly updates their algorithm. If you share solely promotional content, you are shown on timelines less, with a chance of people unfollowing you.

The same goes for non-promotional content. If you constantly share solely this content type, you won’t get the results you wanted. Make sure that you have a balance of both, even going beyond and adding content to your feed that came from external sources.

5.      Publish Unique and Trending Content

How can content be both trending and unique? Write about the hot topics from a different perspective and with new, substantial information your competitors missed! Look for trending strategies and topics, putting your own spin to them.

For example, if you see topics on how social media updates will damage one’s reach, you can write about how such updates can help businesses in other ways. Avoid publishing cookie-cutter content, which will have readers lose interest.

6.      Use a Scheduling Software to Improve the Routine

You shouldn’t focus solely on the type of content you post, you need to look at when you post it as well. You shouldn’t constantly post, or do so once in a blue moon. If you don’t post consistently, or at a routine time your target audience is most likely to view it, then you’re losing valuable reach.

It’s highly recommended to use scheduling software and streamline the process. This will allow you to have a social media calendar to know when posts should be created, scheduled and published. This saves you time and ensures that your posts will be published accurately.

Social Media Campaign-2

7.      Utilize Social Listening Tools and Engage With Audiences

You should utilize social listening tools, which allow you to learn what others are saying about your business and brand. What they say about your brand OUTSIDE your platforms can be different from what they say to directly to you.

So use these tools and monitor how your campaigns have impacted the target audiences. Look at what people talk about and answer any questions, engaging with them. Learning what they want to know will also give you more ideas for useful content.

8.      Create a Hashtag For Every Campaign

Hashtags are another powerful factor, specifically on Twitter and Instagram. These can drive engagement and help you track campaign results.

Create a unique and branded hashtag for specific campaigns to track user-generated content and engagement. Furthermore, add in common hashtags to drive even more relevant audiences to your posts.

9.      Monitor, Analyze, and Improve Your Performance

After following all these tips, analyze the successes of your campaign and continue to monitor it as it progresses. Evaluate it when it’s done and see what you can do to improve it! Repeat the process and keep moving forward.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that my steps in creating a successful social media campaign helped you out. So start looking into following these tips and begin your journey to creating a stronger digital presence now.

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on creating a social media campaign? Let us know in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated.

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