The Art of Creating Shareable Content

Ever wonder what makes some Instagram posts, videos, or blogs “go viral,” while yours are lucky to have 3 shares and two comments? While it might seem like some well-kept secret, the truth is it’s easy enough to create shareable content.

That is, if you put some thought and creativity into your efforts.

The Art of Creating Shareable Content

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Everyone Loves Infographics

Whether you want to know more about how coffee is grown, or you’re looking for ways to boost your blog traffic, you’ll find a variety of infographics to fill you in. And everyone loves to share infographics!

These colorful, easy-to-read graphics share vast amounts of data while still entertaining an audience. By condensing numbers and stats down to easily digestible bite-sized pieces, you can make valuable information highly understandable for any audience. Even better, your market will be happy to share (and share and share).

Keep in mind, infographics can be designed to share a wealth of information beyond stats. I like summarize info from my blog posts and repurpose that info into infographics. I pin most of my infographics here. Take a look if you need some inspiration:-)

And if you need a few ways to use infographics beyond blog posts and stats, definitely read one of my earlier posts “A Few Ways To Use An Infographic That You May Not Have Thought Of“.

If you’re not artistic, don’t worry! You may use tools such as Canva or Piktochart to make infographics your audience will love. Or,  you can hire designers to create them for you.

Pro tip: create an embeddable link for your infographic and encourage other blog owners to share it on their sites. You’ll automatically drive traffic from every site that posts your content.

Create Valuable Posts

This one sounds so obvious that most people miss it. Create posts the deliver value, and you’ll increase the likelihood that they will be shared. So what does “valuable”mean?

Don’t just skim the surface of a topic when writing a blog post. Dig deep. Provide as much information as you can on the topic.

While some bloggers will tell you that shorter is better, the truth is, longer posts are more likely to be shared than their shorter cousins. So don’t worry about those short attention spans when crafting your content.

If you want to provide valuable content, and this means you need to write a meaty post, then go for it! Readers have proven they want good info, and they don’t mind digging into a long post to find it.

Let Your Personality Shine

No one wants to read or share another “me too” post. Not you and not your audience.

What they do want—and what they’ll happily share with their friends and fans—is personality-driven pieces that aren’t afraid to take a stand.

That’s why coaches such as Kimra Luna and Marie Forleo are so popular. You know, simply by reading their content and watching their videos, that what you see is exactly what you get. Nothing is hidden; there’s no “corporate speak” to be found.

It’s easy to form a connection with someone like that because you feel like you know them personally. And what do you do with your friend’s content? You share it, of course!

It doesn’t take much to be shareable. Just be yourself, be transparent, and be valuable. In short, just do what you’re already doing, only with a little bit more personality and oomph!

Miss Kemya

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