How to Amplify Any Online Content [Infographic]

You’ve crafted the perfect marketing content. It’s creative, clever, and you’re sure that your audience will love it. But, for some reason it hasn’t gotten the likes or shares that you expected and no ones seems to be paying attention. Is the content not as good as you thought, or worse, are people just not that into your message?

Maybe it’s not you, it’s them.

With about FOUR BILLION shares on Facebook and forty five million photos uploaded to Instagram and Flickr every day, the internet is a sea of information and it’s easy to get lost. To get your voice heard over the noise, you need to yell and scream. You need to plug in the amplifier and crank up the volume.

The infographic below discusses how to amplify web content. There are tips on finding influencers in your niche that have large followings and a number of sites for amplification are suggested.

Amplification is a big part of the average marketing budget, so it’s important to understand who will see your content and how it can be effectively distributed.

Whether you’re a rock star or own a coffee shop, it’s important that your audience hears your latest song (or hears about your seasonal latte). Sometimes it’s not enough to be creative and have great products — you have to amplify your voice and put on a show.

Amplified Content infographic


Miss Kemya

This is a guest post by Ivan Serrano, a web journalist and infographic expert who focuses on global business and social media.


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