6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline

We all know of many ways to promote your blog online. But what about offline? Yes, you can easily promote your blog offline, it just takes a little ingenuity.

It doesn’t matter if your blog is for business or fun, you can still use these offline marketing tactics. Get up from behind the computer and take your blog on the road!

6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline

6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline Infographic


  1. Who said you had to put your website’s home page on your business card? Add your blog url to your business card instead.
  2. Create a brochure that is catered directly to your blog. You can take the top read post from your blog and make it into a brochure. You could also give excerpts from 2-3 posts, with a “click the qr code to finish reading this article” at the end of it. If you attend business events this is a great way to demonstrate your expertise (and marketing savvy).
  3. Talk about your blog when the opportunity presents itself. For example, if somebody is asking your opinion on a certain topic, give them your ideas and point them towards your blog as another resource on the topic.
  4. Write an article for your local newspaper or magazine. Find the magazine that caters to your target market and write articles for submission. This will set up your local credibility, and if people like what they read, they’ll head over to your blog to check out your content.
  5. Put quotes or catchy headlines from your blog on a t-shirt and include a QR code so people can click your shirt. Make sure you wear your t-shirt around town as much as possible. There’s nothing wrong with self promotion. See my earlier post “Wear Your Brand Everyday Without Looking Like A Walking Billboard” for more ideas on wearable promotion ideas.
  6. Sponsor an event. Find an event or not-for-profit that you can sponsor as a writer or blogger. This will help in your promotion to the community, and most events will welcome the extra press coverage. Just make sure you believe in the event/cause before you do this.

Work that QR Code!

Always include a specific blog post as a QR code on printed material so people can easily connect with your blog online. A specific blog post is more engaging than your blog’s home page. Don’t force a prospect to find a post to read, direct them to the specific post that explains the information you want them to know.

Experiment with a couple of these offline tactics and let me know how they work for you. What other ideas have you used to promote your blog offline? Leave a comment and add to the list!

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