5 Trends To Improve Your Social Marketing This Year

No matter which kind of business you run, you’ll benefit from a killer social marketing campaign. To improve your marketing, the key is to pay attention to the latest trends. To find out what’s trending in 2021, take a look at the following areas.

5 Trends To Improve Your Social Marketing This Year

5 Trends To Improve Your Social Marketing This Year

1 . Live Streaming

The popularity of live streaming skyrocketed in 2019, according to Dacast, ‘live video grew by 93%, with an average viewing time of 26.4 minutes per session.’ And it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Dacast’s data also revealed that ‘the live streaming industry is expected to be valued at 184.27 billion USD by 2027.’

To improve your social marketing this year, focus on live streaming. There are plenty of benefits to access. You can grow your following, build a relationship with your audience, and increase engagement. To improve your marketing strategy this year, live streaming is the way to go.

2. Social Commerce

Social commerce lets your audience shop on your social pages. They can browse, add to their cart, and checkout. Social commerce allows your brand to increase conversions, and offer consumers a faster shopping experience. Further benefits of social commerce include:

    • increased search engine rankings,
    • improved retention and loyalty,
    • access to useful business metrics, and
    • drives engagement.

3. Inclusivity

In 2021 brands are under pressure to make their operations and marketing as inclusive as possible. Modern audiences want to support brands with strong CSR strategies, and inclusivity is a huge part of that.

It’s not enough to take a back seat and stay in the shadows. Consumers want brands to use their voice, and stand up for social justice issues. On social media, brands face scrutiny for not being inclusive, or for ignoring important social issues.

4. Nano Influencers

Influencer marketing is here to stay, and this year all the brands want to work with nano influencers. Nano influencers typically have audiences of between 1,000 and 10,000 people. The audiences tend to be incredibly loyal and engaged, which is very useful for your branding. It’s not too expensive to work with nano influencers, and so there’s every opportunity to save on marketing.

Working with nano influencers has so many benefits, such as:

    • helps your brand to build trust,
    • boosts brand awareness,
    • offers more value to your target audience, and
    • improving your SEO and driving website traffic.

5. Use Stories

Modern audiences love Stories, and so many brands are now using Instagram Stories. One of the best ways to use Stories is to create interactive content. You might like to create quizzes, polls, contests, or interactive videos. Content that’s fresh and fun is the best way to engage your audience and create a buzz. It can be handy to keep an eye on your competitors’ content as well. To stand out, you’ll need to offer your audience something that’s better!

Bottom Line

To improve your social marketing campaign, the best thing to do is to work with a digital marketing agency. The right agency can provide support with all of your marketing needs, from social media to web design. With expert support, you can set the right goals and drive your business forward.

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