5 Tips To Supercharge Your Business

As we are all aware, we have lost a global icon in Mr. Steve Jobs. I was saddened at the news of his passing, but as I reflect on the impact this single person has had on my life, and on humanity as a whole, I can’t help but smile. How can I be sad when my life has been forever changed because he chose to share his genius, his vision with all of us? So you know what, I pulled myself together and started to think about the impact Apple has had on my life.

Here’s why I was personally distraught: I realized Apple has been my silent partner for 24 years. I started using an Apple computer before most people actually knew what computers were. I learned computer programming on an Apple. I typed my homework on an Apple. I created business plans and marketing masterpieces on an Apple. In b-school, Apple was one of a handful of companies you studied and dissected, for it was and still is a truly remarkable business and a cultural icon. Always has been, and dare I say, always will be.

Since I have used computers, I have used an Apple in some form or fashion. I started on a clunky microcomputer and now I live off my iPhone, are you kidding me?! As I began to think about the history of Apple, I had a thought: what if we create the products and services and companies that we want to create, and live the life we want to live, not what society dictates, but what our passion drives us to do? What a remarkable life we would lead!

I became so inspired that I created this post. I want to supercharge my business and create an iconic brand that fuels my passion and makes a difference, and I want you to do the same!

It is with this inspiration that I am sharing 5 tips to kickstart the last quarter of the year and supercharge your business:

  • Pull out a calendar. Force yourself to pick a day within the next 7 days and block out 2 hours. During these two hours, plan out your dream company in writing. Plan it as though money is no object. Plan it as though you have all the employees you need. Can you actually do this? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Define your destination, and work backward to build the roadmap to get you there. Just like you plan a vacation based on the destination, build your company with the same tenacity and enthusiasm and you’ll reach the moon!
  • Review all the events you have attended this year. Remember when I suggested the most important element of networking is follow-up? The end of the year is a perfect time to follow-up with all those contacts you made this year. Get to know more of your prospects, and extend an invitation to meet and greet 10 of them.
  • Build your brand ambassador community. This is the pool of people who will promote your business and sing your praises. If you’re all socially connected, cross promote each other. Schedule a live event to get together, a Skype chat, or a conference call. Join forces and collectively figure out how you can help each other.
  • Determine the real sales you need to generate to end the year with a bang! Divide that amount into 3 (representing the last 3 months of the year), then dissect that number into 2. This is your bi-weekly target. Wake up every morning, work like you can’t miss your target, and aim for a bullseye!
  • Identify that one dream client, the one you’d give your left arm to secure, and go after them with every fiber in your being.

May you be inspired to build a brand that you can be proud of, as I have been inspired by Mr. Jobs.

Miss Kemya


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3 thoughts on “5 Tips To Supercharge Your Business

  • Nokthula Madondo

    Dear Ms Kemya

    I have recently started taking interest in doing market research and proper brand building (after years of failed businesses that had a potential had I bothered to do my homework).

    Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your advice.

    • What a lovely comment, thank you! You have certainly come to the right place to learn about marketing. Feel free to do a search here, the theme for August was “branding”, so you’ll find a wealth of information on the subject.

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