What Do People Mean By “Content Is King?”

Content is king. It’s a saying that you will hear in all corners of the digital marketing world. Written content has and will continue to be the bedrock of a range of marketing disciplines for a long time to come. However, if you don’t see how it’s used effectively, it can be hard to understand what the big deal is. Here are just a few ways that well-written and valuable content can help drive your digital campaigns.

What Do People Mean By “Content Is King?”

What Do People Mean By Content Is King

Content is part of the marketing funnel.

If you’re using the funnel approach to marketing, then you’re going to need something to grab the interest of the visitor after you get them to land on the website. Well-written content that has value, such as being helpful, informative, entertaining, or otherwise, can keep their interest. From there, you can hopefully lead them closer to conversion with the help of a good call to action. However, even at its base level, good content can help lodge your brand in the brain of the visitor to the website, which can make it easier to convert them later because they more readily recognize the brand.

Content fuels social media.

A good social media marketing campaign benefits from a wide variety of posts. Being able to organically interact with your community has huge benefits of making your business look active and well-supported. However, posting the right content through social media can help you tap into the sharability and virality side of it. If you write great content and post it on social media, then people go on to share it, it can help you get even more people on the website and spread the brand name much further.

Content drives search engine traffic. 

Search engines play a huge role in helping you get traffic to your website. While your paid advertising campaigns might also play a role, more organic forms of marketing usually have a larger long-term effect. When working with SEO services, optimizing the content on the site is likely to be a significant part of the strategy. It ensures that you have relevant and engaging content that search engines are more likely to pick up, in response to the kind of queries that your audience is most likely to use.

Content can hook people for the long-term.

Long-term marketing techniques, such as email marketing, depend on your ability to hold the attention of people who have already bought into the brand enough to agree to see it on a regular basis. By creating a steady stream of good content, you can make sure that your subscribers are consistently engaged. This could be considered a form of remarketing, targeting those who have already converted once or at least shown a lot of interest in the brand, helping to push them just beyond that finish line.

In Conclusion

The above examples are just a small sliver of the various ways that content can be used to empower your online marketing across the board. Whatever other marketing tools you’re using, there are likely to be ways to use written content to enhance it. In short, every form of marketing is fueled by some form of content. Thus, the reason why content is king.

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