7 Steps to Writing Catchy Infographic Copy [Infographic]

Most people think of content marketing as producing text-based content, or perhaps an explainer video, to sell a product or convey an idea. While that is true, it’s not the end of the story.

There are many types of content your business can use as part of your marketing mix. These include video, blogs, social media posts, infographics, memes, ebooks, reports, slide shows, ecourses, and quizzes. Yes, all of this falls under the content marketing umbrella!Content Marketing Umbrella

In our data-driven world, an image really does have the power to explain 1000 words. Our daily habits have proven this to be true. This is why visual marketing is important!

One such compelling visual that is widely used by marketers is an infographic.

Did you know? According to this survey, 41.5% of online marketers said that infographics and other original graphics were the most engaging.

Today, most infographics are created by marketing agencies. Many small businesses could benefit from creating their own infographics, but few choose to do so. Such a  shame! After all, infographics can be created for any number of reasons, which may include to

  • tell a story
  • convey a message
  • share industry statistics, and/or
  • present a logical flow.

Infographics do not have to be complicated. In fact, anyone can create one. There are a variety of free and paid services you can use to create template-based infographics for your brand, so this isn’t the barrier.

In my humble opinion, the barrier is figuring how to write the copy for the infographic!

We see infographics will all kinds of cool pics, industry stats, and really compelling information. And we would love to have something like this for our business. Then we start over thinking it, and come up with excuses like,

“That’s an awful lot of work!”

“I have no idea how to write infographics!”

“I don’t know how I can pull all that information together and design an infographic people will want to use.”

Ok, am I the only person who thinks this?? Perhaps you have attempted to create an infographic and realized the copy isn’t as easy to pull together as it may appear.

In other words, looks can be deceiving! To make a good infographic, you have to start out with good copy. It all starts with the content. When the visuals are enticing, and the content is compelling, I click, save and share!

How to Write Infographics

With this in mind, here is an infographic that teaches you how to write infographics, courtesy of Visme. Briefly, here are the 7 components to create compelling copy for your next infographic:

1. Write a short and snappy headline
2. Write a good introduction
3. Structure your infographic
4. Proofread – one error can impact your potential shares
5. Don’t overload the graphics with text
6. Include simple explanations
7. Don’t forget to include your branding

An Infographic on the 7 Steps to Writing Compelling Infographic Copy
Infographic courtesy of Visme, an easy-to-use infographic maker. See the original infographic here.

If you follow this outline, and use one of the templates from an infographic platform, you just might be able to create an infographic worth sharing. So why not give it a try?

Miss Kemya

PS – Since publishing this article, I have tried my hand at creating infographics, and it was fun! Here are a couple I have created using Canva:

Have you created your own infographics, or at least tried? How did it turn out?



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  • It’s really nice to understand anything using inforgraphics. Its not easy to create infographic thanks for sharing the tips this will really help us.

  • Infographics is widely used nowadays and in the coming years I suppose. Viewers tend to be more attentive with posts having visual content such as pictures, videos and infographics. The latter I like most because it summarizes everything that needs to be known in simple explanations and graphics. It’s like everything is presented in an outlined manner, easier to understand and briefly explained. This is great strategy when used with a compelling content. A must-try for me. Thanks for sharing, Kemya!

    • I’m glad you liked the article Nancy! I am a huge fan of infographics because of the reasons you stated, it’s a simple summary. And it adds some visual variety to long text posts. Thanks for stopping by:-)

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