5 Ways to Get People to Buy Now

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How many times have you seen these “hurry up and buy now” offers? How many times have you used them in your marketing efforts to get people to buy RIGHT NOW?

As business owners (and/or marketers) it’s our goal to sell. In order to run a business, we have to sell something. Sometimes, sales come easy and frequent. At other times, more often than not, we have to work for it!

What?! Work for a sale? Yup, no matter how easy these internet marketers make this business of selling sound, those of us who run a business have to work for a sale. This can mean writing blog posts to reach our audience, conducting discovery sessions to secure coaching clients, or hosting webinars to sell affordable group programs.

Does any of this apply to you? If so, keep reading…

Let’s be honest here. Often times, that limited time offer will be extended. That final discount may even be lowered to increase sales. That 5 left is a random number meant to create a sense of urgency.

Why do marketers use these cliché sales pitches?

Because they work.

5 Ways to Convince People to Buy Now

If you want to make more sales, then adding a sense of urgency can make all the difference.

The key thing to remember here is that most things that we buy, we buy on impulse and for emotional reasons. If you stop to think about any purchase, or go away to mull it over, then often you will realize that you don’t actually need it.

On the other hand though, when you’re in the heat of the moment and you’re feeling that sense of desire and urgency, you will often make snap judgements.

As an entrepreneur, you need to leverage that fact and create a sense of urgency in your buyers to get people to buy now, and not later (or never).

Yes, whether you handle your own marketing or you outsource this particular function, YOU need to get people to BUY NOW.

Here are some ways to create a sense of urgency with your sales.

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Leverage Color Psychology

The color red has a profound effect on us psychologically and studies show that people put more money into red collection boxes for charity than any other color. The lesson? Make your ‘Buy’ button red!

Use the Right Language

The right language can be used to subtly paint a picture and to encourage a sense of urgency. Words like ‘must’ and ‘now’ can gradually build a sense of tension and get people to want to act quickly. Likewise, so too can using exclamation marks and even shorter, sentences that read more quickly.

Think About the Neurochemistry

The other trick to think about with your language is neurochemistry. The perfect scenario from the perspective of a seller is that buyers experience a combination of serotonin (desire) and adrenaline/cortisol (anxiety). You want them to feel anxious and to want what you’re selling.

Getting the desire up is a matter of telling your customers about your value proposition and getting them to imagine how what you’re selling will change their life. The anxiety comes from showing them what could happen if they fail to listen to advice.

Make Irresistible Offers

A special offer such as a 50% off deal is a great way to motivate people to act fast, rather than waiting for a while to see if they change their mind. You can sweeten the offer with bonuses too!

When you’re in the launch phase, get creative with your offers! You can launch to a beta group with a deeply discounted price. Or, you can offer bonuses to the first “x” number of people who buy. The point is, make your offer too good to refuse!

Set Limits and Scarcity

A limit of some sort can drastically increase sales because it has the double impact of a) telling customers that the option to buy won’t always be there and b) making your item more exclusive and rare and thus instantly more desirable.

Want to drive your customers even wilder? Flash sales work wonders to drive up the fear of missing out. Then include a countdown timer or even a number showing how many items are left in stock!


These tips can be used whether you’re a local or national business, whether you sell physical goods or digital products. The psychology at play remains the same. By creating a sense of urgency, you catch a person’s attention, and they realize they don’t have all day (or year) to make a decision.

In other words, if you snooze, you lose. We’ve heard this cliché a thousand times too, and it gets us to take action! Use these tactics to build urgency into your sales when you need to, and watch the profits pour in!

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