How to Post Consistently on Social Media [MGN Radio Interview]

The amount of advice a business owner can get regarding social media usage is astounding. I mean, just hit Google and look up some tips and tricks for using social media for your business and you can get lost in a rabbit hole for days.

Figuring out what to post on social media is only a part of the challenge. The other part, and in my opinion the most critical part to using social media to market your business, is CONSISTENCY.

Most people have a hard time being consistent on social media, with both content AND frequency of posts. Consistency is the greatest lead generating tool in your social media marketing arsenal!

how to post consistently on social media

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on MGN Radio and we discussed this very thing. We talked about a variety of tips and tricks for using social media to increase your engagement, drive traffic to your website, and increase your conversion rates.

Have a listen here! Warning: You will be taking notes, so grab something to write or type with.

How to Post Consistently on Social Media [MGN Radio Interview]

This conversation was a serious how-to festival! Show highlights include:

  • What is a Marketing Strategist (and Social Media Manager)
  • How to figure out the best content to create
  • Ways to get more eyeballs on your content
  • An often overlooked traffic source (and how to use it)
  • My biggest challenge as an Entrepreneur
  • The WORST way to get leads from social media
  • How to tweak your posts to increase conversions
  • How I balance entrepreneurship and motherhood (no sugar coating here folks!)

I hope you liked the interview as much I did! If you have trouble accessing the replay, click the link here

Miss Kemya

Did you enjoy the interview, and take a few notes? What was your favorite takeaway?


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