How to Increase Sales Conversion With Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

In the digital environment, customers prefer to get information about the businesses they consider engaging with through quality video content.

Each interested set of eyes visiting your platforms and sales channels is valuable. To attract them, your video content needs to be well-made and informative.

Those visitors who stay longer have an exponentially higher chance of becoming a paying customer, as opposed to casual window shoppers with nothing better to do than scroll.

In the words of the marketing guru, Seth Godin:

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but the stories you tell.”

What stories can you tell about your business? Stick to what you know and tell them confidently.

How to Increase Sales Conversion with Video Marketing

Video is a powerful conversion-driving tool. Here are some smart ways on how to implement video materials in your marketing strategy.

How to Increase Sales Conversion With Video Marketing

Boost Brand Trust With Social Proof

Brand trust is established when potential customers believe they will get what they paid for, and it’s a sure way to spike that conversion diagram.

We’re highly social creatures, and we’re prone to trusting the
faces and words of people we presume to be just like us.

As a result, we’ll trust a recommendation over a marketing claim any day.

A reel of highlighted comments on your page is a great way to get things in motion in this sense, but a series of videos is better.

After all, a prospect is far more likely to trust an honest face enthusiastically recommending your product or service than an anonymous comment.

Leverage our evolutionary fondness for faces and combine it with our inclination to connect and trust others.

Genuine, unscripted joy and energy are contagious, as there are so-called mirror neurons in our brain, specialized in picking up on the behavior and feelings of others and mimicking them.

In other words, this allows us to try and understand others.

If you’ve got a happy customer talking about you on video, there’s a greater chance that whoever is watching will want to become one of them as well.

Use Product Demos to Court Leads Like a Pro

Raising the profile of your product or service is a welcome bonus for any marketer and entrepreneur. Boldly proclaiming its values will probably play to your advantage.

However, nothing beats seeing the product or service in action.

This is what a potential client wants to see before deciding to purchase, especially if the item or service is high-priced. This is what they will pay for, after all.

When creating a demo, you have the opportunity to show your offer in the best possible light, even downplaying certain faults. Creativity is allowed, but outright lying is not. Don’t claim untruths or misrepresent the facts of what the product or service does or provides.

Play with the presentation, but be honest and professional.

Approach the demo as a sweet hook, line, and sinker — showing some key characteristics most important or appealing to the customer, but don’t reveal everything.

Provide Value With Webinars and Online Courses

Learning is hard, but teaching might be even harder. As a teacher, your job is to convey something concisely but with enough meat so it can have some practical use.

You need to make the content engaging enough to the listener so they are more inclined to pay attention, retain the information and, in your case, convert to customers.

All of us would rather hear an engaging speaker lead us through a subject than scroll through pages and pages of blog posts or endless slideshows.

Video is simply more immersive, attention grabbing and appropriate format to disseminate knowledge and grab eyeballs in the attention economy.

Yet, it is a challenge to create a sturdy, well-rounded online course or webinar. It takes planning, strategies and a lot of elbow grease to make this virtual classroom a valuable marketing asset and cement your position as an expert in your field.

When done effectively, potential customers will see you as the one with the answers and trust your judgment and solutions.

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Livestream Product Launches or Exclusive Content

The only thing better than watching an event on video is when it is happening right now, in real time, and you’re part of it as it unfolds — for example, in a livestream.

Video streaming will allow your potential customers to feel like they are a part of the event.

This is an excellent choice when you wish to hype up interest for a new product launch. Or, when you’re introducing a new service in your repertoire. The possibilities on how you’ll organize a livestream are limited only by

    • your imagination, and
    • the profile of the ideal customer you’re marketing to.

For instance, you could arrange an unboxing of the new product you’ve been teasing for a while now. Or perhaps you can get an industry leader or a celebrity whose persona is in line with your brand to join in.

Moreover, you could:

    • offer exclusive discounts to early adopters for the duration of the stream,
    • encourage discussions, and
    • ask for opinions and feedback.

As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless.


The play button is the Holy Grail of contemporary marketing. The beneficial effects of video marketing on your conversion rates are numerous, and evident.

Some of the top tips on how to use video in marketing include

    • replacing short written comments with video reviews of your products on your channels, and
    • using demos to show your prospects what you can do for them.

This is in addition to creating valuable educational pieces of content that provide answers to those burning questions in the industry that your customers are most interested in.

Additionally, live streaming some major events that are important for your business — while adding a marketing twist on top — will help you get the most you can out of that launch or exclusive.

Therefore, get ready for your close up and get down to work! There’s a lot to do.

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