How To Create A Marketing Web (That Sticks)

When it comes to marketing, everything you do is interconnected. Everything you are putting out there in the world creates a web of your own design. This web “traps” people into stopping, taking notice of you, and then deciding which of the many paths they can take to getting to know you better. Since everything is connected, it’s best to have a direct path to connecting everything and then being able to maintain everything you have created.

Here are some ways you can weave your entire online presence into a web to catch followers.

How To Create A Marketing Web

How To Create A Marketing Web

Create a Website

Start with your own digital property, your website. You can send people to your website, which is the hub of your digital presence. Websites are very easy to create these days, and you can create them yourself at home. A website will offer followers links to your blog, links to your social media, and links to everything else that is relevant for your business and your brand.

You can use your site as ecommerce with shoppable links to your Instagram to show additional products you are selling. You can also offer blog content (just like I’m doing here!) so that consumers can get a better idea of what you’re passionate about, the latest news in the industry, and your expertise.

Start a Blog

As mentioned earlier, a blog is a great way to demonstrate your expertise. Blogging has been around since the internet was brought into the homes of everyone in the world. Blogging is great for having a platform for putting down all of your thoughts and feelings and knowledge on the subject that you love the most.

Blogs are also a great platform to explore other areas that you are learning about, and articles can link you to other people in that field allowing you to gather more information. Once you have your ideas down, and those ideas follow your brand, you can link that blog to other points on your web. This can be a critical part of your sticky web that builds your credibility and demonstrates your value to your desired audience.

Social Media

The best way to “advertise” your blog is to link it to your social media pages. Create profiles where your desired audience hangs out, and build valuable assets that are on brand for you. Then place images and/or links to your blog content on those profiles. One will lead people to the others.

Pastor Paula White is a good example of how she uses her social media to post several relevant topics around her brand, then you can link to her website, which links you to her blog. Every point on that web is true to her brand and takes you on a journey to what she is about and what her passions are.

Make Videos

Video is one of, if not THE, most powerful visual medium on the internet. One billion hours of Youtube are watched daily.  And with the most recent popularity of TikTok, making short videos has been an effective way to get people’s attention. Videos can be embedded just about anywhere.

Once you have an edited video, you can place it on your site, on your social media, and within a blog post you write. Your content can be shared all across your platforms so that no matter what platform a person follows you on, they will see your content. This will get them to click and start going to all the other areas of your web.

Final Thoughts

Creating a marketing web is really what every business wants. Ideally, the goal is to weave a sticky web to capture your fans, and channel them to the platforms you want them to follow you on, and ultimately convert them into customers. If you can integrate multiple platforms to your marketing mix, and connect them to each other, you are well on your way to weaving that sticky web!

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