Do Your Customers Love You Or Just Tolerate You?

For companies, getting customers to love you is the holy grail or marketing. You want a situation where they sing your praises from the rooftops (figuratively speaking) and refer other people to your brand.

In today’s world, being genuinely loved by customers is a rarity. Consumers have so much choice about where they spend their money that they can be incredibly fickle. You know you’re loved when a competitor sets up shop next door, but your customers just keep coming back to you regardless.

However, many brands slip into the trap of believing that being tolerated is the same as being loved. You see this all the time in business. Companies with the highest revenues believe that they have the best customer loyalty. But that’s rarely the case.

Do Your Customers Love You Or Just Tolerate You?

Do Your Customers Love You Or Just Tolerate You

Why does customer love matter?

A good example of this is supermarkets. Generally, people aren’t particularly loyal to any brand. Instead, they simply go to the store that’s closest to their home or offers the most convenient parking. In general, they are not interested in the brand itself. It’s just close by, so they choose it.

For businesses, being in this situation is precarious. Cash flow seems good right now. But if a competitor offers a cheaper service or a more convenient location, costumers may switch to the new brand, causing sales to plummet.

That’s why the difference between being tolerated and being loved in business is so important. Being tolerated isn’t sustainable. You have to get customers to love what you’re doing.

How can you make people love you? Well, that’s a complex topic.

Given distrust in the technology sector, many brands now hire a technology public relations firm. These agencies work to change general perception of the brand. Often, they can transform apathetic feelings among consumers into genuine brand loyalty.

You can also generate love by going the extra mile for customers. When you offer more value, customers will reciprocate by returning to your business over and over again.

You can also talk about your values, not just your products. This way, consumers will come to believe that they have something in common with you.

Here are some of the signs that your customers love you.

Sign 1: They Give You Large Tips

Tipping is a great tool for customers to show their appreciation for your services. It’s a way for them to communicate that you provided them with more value than what you paid. Typically, tipping suggests that the customer felt elated and extremely grateful for the quality of your services. And that’s one of the reasons why they will continue to come back for more in the future.

Sign 2: They Use Your App

Another telltale sign your customers love you is that they all have your app. Downloading and using an app is actually quite a lot of hassle for most consumers. Usually, they won’t bother signing up for loyalty programs and things like that.

But if they use your app, it shows that they took the time to think about your company and get involved. They want to explore your options more and have a deeper relationship with you. They believe that you can continue to deliver plenty of value for them. Only customers who love you will do this!

Sign 3: They Bring Their Friends Along

People who love your business will also invite their friends to join them when using your products and services. For instance, if you run a restaurant, they might bring parties to your establishment to enjoy your food.

When they bring their friends, they are essentially showing that they trust you. They believe that you will deliver a quality service and that their friends won’t be disappointed in their choices.

The same holds true when customers refer you to friends. If you’re a product-based company, a customer tagging you and/or mentioning you on their social media is a good indication that they love you. Or, if you’re a service-based company, a customer referring you to friends or publicly sharing your services falls under the “bringing friends along” category.

Sign 4: They Write Positive Reviews

People who genuinely love your business will go out of their way to write positive reviews about your products and services online. They will feel a need to get the message out about you on your behalf so that you can enjoy the success you deserve. If you notice that many customers are leaving positive five-star reviews on Google, then it is a sure sign that they love your business.

These reviews aren’t confined to online review sites. Do customers write blog reviews, or even lengthy social media or video reviews? Again, these are clear signs that your customers love you.

Sign 5: They Hang Around

People won’t stick around if they’re unhappy with your brand. Instead, they’ll leave to find other opportunities to get the things that they want. So if customers want to hang around on the phone or spend more time on your premises, then it’s a sure sign that you’re doing something right.

So there you have it – some of the signs that your customers love you. It’s important to look out for these subtle signs of communication. If you don’t, then you could become complacent. And that’s never a good thing in business.

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