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Dates and deadlines, two necessities in a hectic world.

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As entrepreneurs, we need to schedule our time for everything, after all, there’s always something ELSE to be done.

Do you schedule time to work on your blog, return client phone calls, and market your business, just as you schedule your kid’s doctor appointments and vacation time? I don’t mean theoretically schedule time, I mean use a calendar, pick a date, and block out enough time to get stuff done.

Create deadlines for launching that new product, updating your website, or learning that new social media platform.

Once you give a project a deadline, you can work backwards to create the action steps necessary for completion, and attach real dates to those action steps. That project becomes official, it becomes real, and you’re more likely to honor a deadline if it’s on your calendar.

Dates and deadlines, two magic words that can mean the difference between a dream and reality.

Be sure to pencil in a date to celebrate your accomplishments too!


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