5 Steps to Conquer Mount Blogger’s Block

If you’re a blogger, excuse me, content creator, you like so many of us will eventually come across blogger’s block. You will either stare at a blank screen (gasp) or have mess of notes that don’t match any particular concept. A handful of random thoughts, headlines with no body text, half sentences, rough drafts, scribbles, notes on your phone, napkins, notebook, etc. – none of which amount to a decent blog post.

Just plain muck.

As I sit here,  I’m tweaking a list of draft blog posts, rummaging through all the various half-written posts I have. It’s hard to choose just one to settle on, but I’m overdue on a post. So what better way to answer the “what to blog about” question than to share a few tips?

Here are 5 tips to help you find the best blog content topics, when you can’t seem to find inspiration for your next blog post.

In other words… when you’re chugging up the blogging mountain
and you run out of steam.

5 Steps to Conquer Mount Blogger’s Block

Mount Bloggers Block

Subscribe to your favorite business related blogs, either via RSS or email. Pick a current hot topic. If you keep up with current discussion points, particularly as they relate to your industry, your blog content will stay relevant. Face it, nobody wants to read old “breaking” news on your blog.  You can’t brand yourself as an “expert” if you’re showing up late to the party.

Make a specific web folder, bookmark a variety of blogs and websites, and check them weekly for updates. Don’t make them industry-specific. I suggest including general purpose sites that make you laugh, think, and ignite your creative juices. Use these as a basis for a topic and write about something random. It’s ok for your blog content to detour off topic, and it helps keep your readers engaged.

Go offline and pick up a newspaper. No I’m not kidding. When you read the latest news, it can spur a ton of ideas that you can relate to your blog’s central theme. I subscribe to my local business newspaper – both in print and online – and I can find something interesting to write about every day. Now to actually set aside time to write every day, but that’s another subject.

Search your industry keywords on Twitter. You’re likely to discover emerging trends on Twitter that everyone’s talking about. You’ll have plenty of source material to write a timely post.

Write a “Best of the Web” post. Round up a slew of articles on a specific topic, and list them in a post. You won’t have to do much writing, just a nice introduction, and you’ll be sharing relevant content your audience wants to know.

If the idea of organizing all of  this already has you frazzled, I’ve got you covered on that too! I found a fantastic, printable blog planner that you can use to stay organized. Take a look at one of my earlier posts Organization With A Simple Blog Planner. This planner alone can breathe new life into your content strategy!

The thought of writing a couple posts a week can be daunting. So make it easier on yourself and get in the habit of using a combination of these blogging tips to fill your content pipeline. These ideas are sure to keep your arsenal of blog content stocked with subject matter to pull from.

Of course I actually use these tips to come up with blog content as well. I only preach what I practice!

Miss Kemya


We all get writer’s block from time to time.  How do you find fresh content to blog about? Leave a comment and share your tip!


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  • Neasha

    I love this! Right now I have extreme writers block, like literally drafts galore are saved! Great ideas!

    • I always have tons of drafts too Neasha, and I can’t seem to stop adding to the pile! I’m so glad you liked the post. I hope these ideas will help you to get unstuck. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

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