5 Secrets Of Super Successful Video Marketing

How much money you’re able to make in terms of ROI from your video marketing efforts will depend on how much you can spend—but it’s not a one-to-one relationship. You won’t profit merely because you spend money. Michael Bloomberg, worth well over $50 billion, proved that when he spent half a billion on the 2020 primaries and essentially sank without a ripple.

It’s not what you spend so much as it is how you spend. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t fix it. You’ve got to “throw money” informed by strategy. Get consultation help. Seek counsel from those you can trust. Use known best practices.

The more you spend, the more you can make—if you’re using your money wisely. Even so, there’s a point at which very minimal budgets rival maximal ones, due to the strategic use of available resources. Viral content can be developed totally free—but there’s a bit of a science behind pushing something to go viral. So use the following steps to help you get there.

5 Secrets to Successful Video Marketing

1. Incorporate Known Best Practices Regarding SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been used for the last twenty years in varying ways toward varying levels of success. The game keeps changing because people figure out how to use SEO in ways Silicon Valley eggheads didn’t intend; so the eggheads write a new algorithm and think they’ve fixed the issue, until clever business people find another crack.

This process is always going to affect online marketing. So lean into it. Know what’s trending, incorporate it, and keep learning new tricks as old options are gradually removed from the table.

With video marketing, you want meta-tagging, keywords, buzz words as applicable, and viral thumbnails. That is: pictures summarizing content that are extremely clickable. Here’s a link to some contemporary SEO best practices pertaining to video. You’ve got to use these tactics properly; you can’t just stack them like bricks. You need an SEO “blueprint”.

2. Develop Meaningful, Authentically Value-Rich Content

Substance trump’s style, quality trumps quantity. Do you want a ton of spam, a side of ham, or a pound of steak? Most people would choose the steak off the top of their head, unless some survival situation manifested. One big reason nobody cares for modern blockbusters is because they’re all style and no substance. Just go watch one of the new Star Wars movies.

The most expensively produced video will actually do nothing for you—even working against you—if it isn’t substantive. Determine pain points of your target market. Answer questions. Provide meaningful content.

When there’s real value in terms of information, impact compounds. Or put it this way: a suit is stylish, but it’s just rags in a closet if nobody wears it. The “value” is the person in the suit. The suit itself is nothing.

3. Include The Younger Generation Through Apps Like TikTok

New technology provides new opportunities. Mobile applications are innovations on existing technology, but as each SnapChat, Vine, and Tinder becomes a sensation, it peaks out and normalizes. The cycle seems to take something like five years. What that means is you need to keep your finger on the pulse of app innovations to catch the next wave.

Right now, that wave is TikTok. Especially if you’ve got a younger clientele base (24 or under), you have got to use TikTok. It hit the market about three years ago, and it’s presently trending toward its peak. For more information on utilizing video marketing through TikTok, check out this The Boost Apps piece. Adapt such strategy for future app trends when they come.

4. Properly Distribute Video Marketing Content

The most content-thick, value-rich, substantive and even stylistic video will be worthless if you play it on a VCR in your closet. You’ve got to share your video content on your own social media, on YouTube, on guest blogs, and wherever you can. And share more than once! Regularly rotate your video content across your online channels to ensure maximum visbility.

5. Engage Prolifically In The Comments Section

If you can get notifications and stay on top of them yourself when you post a video, excellent. If you can’t, but you can hire somebody to keep the comment section at a low or even high burn, that’s advisable. Long comments expand video visibility and can make it more “attractive” to algorithms prompting viral impact.

Maximizing Video Marketing Impact

Engaging in the comments section, proper video distribution, co-opting new mobile apps like TikTok, putting true value in content, and incorporating the latest SEO practices are just a few tips to help you produce the most optimal video marketing content. Keep yourself appraised of the latest trends, and lastly, be consistent.

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