3 Ways To Strengthen and Extend Your Relationship With Your Clients

A client differs from a customer in that a client will often be with you for a given amount of time in order to receive a service, while a customer often purchases your goods, even frequently, and goes on from there. An extended relationship is usually involved in client management. This is because our services may run deeper than simply providing products as and when needed.

That said, just as you can entice a customer to spend more money more often, deepening that client relationship is also a key element here. For instance, casinos often find it prudent to ‘comp’ the most expensive suites in the hotel to big spenders, high roller gambling guests coming to spend a fortune in exchange for a memorable time. These hotels know that the upfront cost and complementary goods will net a profitable ROI. Providing the best experience helps to keep such a spender around.

Now, it’s unlikely that your firm is involved in pursuits such as gambling. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the client relationship and make the process of spending more money with you easier and more palatable to do. In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways in which that can happen.

3 Ways To Strengthen and Extend Your Relationship With Your Clients

3 Ways to Strengthen and Extend Your Relationship With Your Clients

Preference Setting

Clients that feel able to set their preferences with your firm deepen their relationship with you. Of course, they rely on you to remember those preferences, . This is because having to set up those preferences with another brand takes time. The more you accommodate clients, the less inclination they have of going elsewhere.

This can be as simple as remembering how a clients likes their coffee during their accountancy consultations. Or as targets as remembering their order amounts and delivery terms.

Understanding Spending Habits

It’s a great idea to understand the spending habits and preferences of clients you manage. It might be that learning of sales metrics KPIs and how to put them to work is absolutely key to offering further products or services. This could also include adjusting sales packages, offering promotions where necessary, and setting priorities for the next level of offers. It will also help you understand where to draw back a bit too, avoiding offering capabilities that such a client has never and may never express an interest in.

Taking Feedback & Constant Communication

Clients aren’t usually opposed to giving feedback. To them, the more they can help you understand their needs and requirements, the more empowered and provided for they feel in the relationship. That said, it’s also important to partake in that communication without thinking that you have to define your entire business approach based on the whims of one client. This is why assigning a competent and respectful client portfolio manager can be key here. In this way, these relationships are managed by real people, rather than the executive branch talking through a range of employees.

With this advice, you’re certain to extend and empower the client/business relationship as appropriate.

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