2012 Is The Year of DO

I’ve been reading posts over the last few weeks about people selecting their word or words of the year. Are you familiar with this process? You select words to use as a baseline, guiding your actions as you work to meet your personal, professional and/or spiritual goals for the year.

I’m not new to the “define your word” process. I’ve been a fan of the practice for some time now. However, my life, goals and aspirations are so complex (as is your life I’m sure) that I’ve never been able to clearly define one, two or three words to adequately describe my plan for the year… until now.

You see, it hit me one day. It was a normal day, and as usual random thoughts were bouncing around in my head. All of a sudden it hit me. I have my word for 2012 – DO.

DO. Nothing too fancy, nothing too exciting, but 100% magical. You see, I can research an idea until I’m dizzy. I can toy with concepts and plan action items until I’m blue in the face. I can strategize with the best of them. But you want to know why so many people never realize their dreams? Never live up their potential? Never become all that they are capable of becoming?

They spend so much time reading, researching, and thinking about all their plans, that they never actually execute anything. They fail to DO. I have been guilty of devising far too many plans and failing to execute them. I admit this. We’ve all been there haven’t we?

Now do you see why DO is such a magical word? It’s pretty magical right now isn’t it? I know I could have picked “execute” as my word, but DO just sounds so definitive doesn’t it? It holds so much more power to me, so I figured, go with the simpler word.

And the icing on my cake: I’m sharing my word with you. Which means I am holding myself accountable to the community I’m building over here. So expect changes, ups and downs, and powerful transformations from me, with a few snippets of random nonsense thrown in for good measure. 2012 is my year to DO. Thank you in advance for participating in the journey!

Miss Kemya

What’s your word, words, or phrase for 2012? What led you to your choice? Leave a comment and share with the rest of us! Let’s accomplish our goals together!


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