Why Your Blog Is Not Attractive To Big Brands

When you first start blogging, the buzz of interaction is often enough to keep your momentum. You might well even ‘do it for love’ for a good few years. Whatever the period, though, there’s sure to come a stage where you want more from your blog efforts than just a few thoughtful comments

The simple fact is that blogging takes a fair amount of time. As more individuals earn their living this way, community is no longer enough to keep many of us at it for long. With our loyal audiences in mind, we may want to turn our blogs into full-time undertakings. Or at least begin earning so that we can put money back into this side hustle. And, working with big brands is often the best way to do that.

Why Your Blog Is Not Attractive To Big Brands 

Truth about why brand do not want to work with your blog

Like any influencer today, you can typically connect with brands by getting started with affiliate marketing, learning about paid sponsorships, or even considering ads. At least, you can if those crucial big names will consider working with you.

In some cases, bloggers find that it’s harder than they expect to get brands to agree to deals. If you’re up against this wall right now, let’s consider why that might be, and what you can do about it.

Reason #1 – Your audience is too small

As you’re probably already aware, influencers, bloggers, and social media big names are now a pretty significant part of online life. Brands have noticed it, too, and they go above and beyond to get products into the right hands. They don’t, however, offer brand deals and affiliate links to small-time bloggers who struggle to reach large audiences.

Think about it: businesses are operating with money in mind. It simply isn’t worth their while to furnish you with links or products that never lead to returns. That would be madness! Luckily, this is problem sue has a simple solution, and it involves nothing more than expanding your audience.

If you’re struggling to reach more than one hundred right now, then don’t hesitate to embark on methods like collaborations, double down on SEO efforts, and general content improvements that increase engagement, and your chances at brand deals along with it.

Reason #2 – Your opinions are too controversial


Being able to say whatever you fancy is the joy of blogging. That said, the majority of brands will shy away from bloggers expressing opinions that could go against their message.  Many bloggers think if they stay away from religion and politics, they’ll be ok. Wrong! The expression of opinions in a number of areas could conflict with a brand.

Remember, after all, that you effectively stand to become a brand ambassador. If you’re looking to represent a bank after writing a tirade against private wealth, then don’t be surprised if they turn you down!

Perhaps the best way around this is to seek brand deals in keeping with your general ethics. This way, you can bet that the content you share is equally appealing to the brand in question. Or, you could make an effort to steer clear of sharing strong opinions to increase your chances at widespread affiliates and more. Avoiding potentially divisive topics like politics and breaking news should be all it takes to see more brands looking your way in no time.

Reason #3 – Your posts don’t offer long-lasting results

We often talk about how to keep old posts alive, and the importance of doing so makes an appearance here, too. After all, brands are unlikely to offer deals to bloggers whose posts only garner attention for a few days at a time. Instead, every brand is looking for a lasting impact that they can trust.

This is where evergreen content may work in your favor. When you publish content that can be shared over a period of time, this helps to prove the longevity of your content. Which in turn, benefits brands who work with you.

As such, you should do what you can to keep your blog posts alive and well even weeks after posting. Continuing to share across social media is perhaps your best bet here, as are internal links and continued SEO efforts. As simple as that, a brand should be able to see that working with you is sure to keep on giving.

Reason #4 – Brands simply don’t know who you are

Sometimes, the issue lies merely in the fact that brands don’t know who you are. While the most prominent influencers can sit back and still have brands to come to them, you probably can’t do the same at this stage. Instead, you should be sending emails, communicating with brands on social media, and generally doing what you can to show them who you are, and why it would be worth their while to work with you.

Pair this effort with the other steps mentioned, and you should soon find that brand deals start to come your way more and more often.

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