A Simple Strategy to Increase Blog Traffic and Expand Your Audience

Blogging is about ensuring you find your audience and hold on to them. But there are also ways to find new audience members that can relate to the content you are putting out. As such, it can be about tailoring the content accordingly, but it’s also about finding the right ways to increase traffic to your website. What are the best ways?

A Simple Strategy to Increase Blog Traffic and Expand Your Audience

Simple Strategy to Increase Blog Traffic and Expand Your Audience

Look at your on-page SEO

Whatever your personal opinion of Search Engine Optimization, it is still a worthwhile approach. And while there are plenty of SEO management services out there, there are aspects of on-page SEO that needs to be embedded in your subconscious as well as your website. Creating internal links to new content, using image alt text, or even meta descriptions are a few basic approaches to on-page SEO that can make all of the difference.

Guest blogging

It is a two-pronged attack. Guest blogging is one simple way to get reputable traffic to your website, but it can also help in terms of the networking side of things. Once you start to secure guest posts on other sites, you can incorporate your website or brand into the content that you make. But be careful not to be so spammy with what you put out there. People can smell spammy content from miles off. Conversely, getting others to blog on your site as a guest helps give you some downtime, and brings new readers to your site.

Look at long-tail keywords

Optimizing your content in terms of SEO means that you will have to address long-tail keywords sooner or later. Because they account for the vast majority of web searches, if you do not include them in the content you create, you may find that traffic dwindles. A lot of people focus on other aspects of Search Engine Optimization, but the more time you put into long-tail keywords, the better it is for you in the long run.

Pick the right social media channels

Look at your demographics, and really dig deep into who they are. The right analytics tool is worth its weight in gold and can give you a major insight into your followers, and who you should be promoting your product towards. Once you understand this, getting onto social media can help you get your blog out there. If you are image-heavy with your blogs, Pinterest and Instagram are two obvious avenues to go down.


It may seem blatantly obvious, but using paid search advertising or any form of display advertising can help build your brand in terms of the goals you set for yourself. Look at it in terms of an investment; if you make the most of PPC marketing, it is a cost upfront, but if you only have a couple of hundred followers, it’s a very good way to get everything out there in the public consciousness.

With a blog, it cannot be underestimated that the content has to be king but if you continually write great content, but it’s not getting the returns, sometimes we’ve got to be savvier in the methods of promoting. Increasing traffic to your website can be done in a very simple manner.

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