5 Ways Paid Ads Can Help Your Business

Every online business needs traffic to their website to get subscribers and sales. Most online businesses start on a shoestring budget and owners feel they can’t afford to use paid advertising. But these same owners see organic reach on social media dwindling and recognize the need to do something about it. This usually means business owners look to start using paid ads as part of their marketing efforts.

Fortunately, there are now many more options than even just a couple of years ago. Even better, there isn’t a steep learning curve to be able to use these options and get a good return on investment.

5 Ways Paid Ads Can Help Your Business

5 Ways Paid Ads Can Help Your Business


Although paid ads may seem complicated, they’re one of the best ways to help your business grow. Whether you’ve been testing paid ads for years or you have only just heard of them, it’s important you understand the effect they can have your business. From Facebook ads to Google Adwords, you could be directing the right people to your business at exactly the right time. With that in mind, here are 5 ways paid ads can help your business:

You Can Reach New Customers

One of the best reasons to use paid ads is to help your business reach new customers. You could be doing all of the right things when it comes to marketing. Even still, chances are you’re not going to be seen by absolutely everyone who will benefit from your business. For a small budget, paid ads will allow you to reach those audiences that may be a little harder reach. This is addition to those people that have been looking for your business all along.

If you need help with custom audiences, check out this guide to reaching difficult audiences with paid ads.

You Can Reach A Dedicated Audience

A great thing about being able to create your own custom audiences with ads is that you’re going to be reaching a dedicated audience. Whether you want to target people based on their age, their location, their job, their interests or the other pages they’re interacting with – you can completely customize your target audience to suit your business. In most cases, you will find the further detail you go into, the better.

Of course, reaching the right audience means you need to know your ideal customer. After all, you want to make sure you don’t spend money targeting the wrong people. Visit this site for advice when it comes to setting the perfect target audience on Facebook.

It Can Be Incredibly Affordable

Many people believe paid ads are an expensive strategy to invest in. This isn’t the case at all. In fact, they can actually be incredibly affordable. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you’re willing to pay as you’re able to set an ideal budget for each campaign. Once you reach that budget, the campaign will stop until you reset it manually.

If you’re looking to invest in automation when it comes to paid ads, you may have to pay a little bit more. Visit this is site if you want to know more about implementing automation for Google Ads.


You Have Complete Control Over Your Images And Copy

Another great reason to use paid ads is that you have complete control over the images and copy that you use. Although there may be a number of things that are not permitted, you can ensure each of your ads comply with your brand guidelines and include an appropriate call to action.

You Have The Option To Run A/B Testing

Finally, most paid ad platforms will now give you the chance to set up A/B testing. Not only does this mean you’re able to find out which ads are the best performing, but you’ll be able to do it without blowing all of your budget right away.


Paid ads do cost money, but they are scalable. If you have a successful ad, you can increase your spending to show your ads even more, for more traffic and profits. Running your ads regularly is also predictive. You won’t have a rollercoaster of good traffic days and bad. Everything will be more reliable, or even explosive, if you turn on a new campaign, which means you can boost your list and skyrocket your sales.

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Are you considering using paid ads for your business? How can they benefit you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  • Lindsay N.

    Excellent advice! I found that by running a series of small scale test ads we were able to identify what worked best for our audience. We’re currently in the process of finalizing ads for a larger campaign.

    • So glad to hear it! This is the process I use as well, Lindsay. Those small ads are to test the waters. Once you figure out what works, invest more. Thanks for sharing:-)

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