Twitter Ain’t Dead Yet: Why You Should Keep Using Twitter

So many people have said they are going to leave Twitter, or not use Twitter, and that it’s just not relevant anymore for them. There are tons of people who are tweeting regularly, still generating leads, connecting with key influencers, discovering opportunities, promoting their blogs, and building profitable businesses, all from their Twitter efforts.

Twitter Ain’t Dead Yet: Why You Should Keep Using Twitter

Clearly, relevancy isn’t the issue. The truth is, it’s not Twitter that’s the problem, it’s the users that are the problem.

Yeah, I said it.

There are some user-errors that have contributed to the Twitter-is-not-worth-it myth.

Not to worry, we’re going to cover the reasons why Twitter still rocks as an entrepreneur’s dream platform, and how you can tweak your Twitter strategy today to get the most from your tweets.

First things first, the biggest cause for minimal success on Twitter is simple: there is too much automation. I can’t tell you how many Twitter profiles I visit that are obviously 100% automated.

What do I mean by an automated Twitter profile? Anyone who’s profile is spewing out horoscopes and news all day is 100% automated. Anyone who only tweets auto-posts from Instagram or Facebook all day counts as 100% automated too.

How do I figure this out? For starters, when I see profiles like these, I know the user doesn’t login to Twitter and tweet because there is no interaction or real-time engagement. How much do ya wanna bet these are the same people who claim Twitter is no longer relevant? Yup, they’re a huge proponent of the Twitter is dead myth.

Remember, social media is for engagement, and people who use Twitter for that purpose see great success. It’s those who have resorted to too much automation that have problems.

Twitter Aint Dead Yet: Why You Should Keep Using Twitter for Business

Why Twitter Is Still Relevant and Useful for Businesses

Twitter is still a formidable social media outlet that small businesses should continue to use for the near and far future. There are many reasons for that, such as:

Twitter is THE Breaking News Channel

Compared to other social networks, it’s still easier to find information about groups, causes, and businesses via Twitter search. Hashtags make it easy to compile the information, and important people are still having important conversations on Twitter. If there is any breaking news across the globe, it breaks on Twitter first!

You Can Engage With Anyone

Due to the way Twitter works, you can potentially connect with anyone whether you follow them or not, and vice versa. Due to the ease of sharing and the ease of tagging people, before you know it you could be in a conversation with someone famous, or at least famous in your niche.

Search is Easy With Hashtags & Lists

It’s so easy to filter out the things you don’t want to see. You can look at only tweets for a particular topic, using a hashtag, which makes finding trends super fast and easy. You can easily study your audience and potential audience on Twitter.

You can also use lists to segment the people you follow and isolate tweets. If you’re not familiar with twitter lists, read this post on How to Create Twitter Lists and Five Twitter Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using.

Do you use the Advanced Search function on Twitter? You can isolate tweets by geography, hashtag, user and keywords. This is a super handy feature for local marketing!

Due to these factors, it’s important for small businesses to keep using Twitter. It is still a useful tool for engagement, research, and promotion. You just have to do understand how to use it to get results. If you are having issues with getting results from Twitter, it’s probably time to tweak your Twitter strategy.

A Couple Tweaks For Your Twitter Strategy

Don’t Pass Up Everyday Opportunities

Tweet about what you’re doing right now, and ask your employees and your contractors to do this as well. Make it relevant to your audience.

For instance, if you’re working on a new eBook, say so. “5000 words down on my new eBook!” is a great example of a tweet that will get attention of your audience, and likely some “congratulations tweets” too. What fabulous interaction, from just a simple update that you can capitalize on.

Your Twitter followers not only care about your day and what you’re doing – enough to read your tweets and correspond about them, they’ll also be happy if you share anything profound from other tweets of people who you follow. Sharing, commenting, and engaging are all important aspects of being on Twitter. Without those three things you won’t be successful.

Make Twitter Your Secret Weapon for Research

Google used to be the name of a company, now it’s a verb we all use when we go to search for information online. But Twitter is a handy li’l secret weapon you just might be overlooking. Yet another reason to keep using Twitter…

For example, when I’m performing a search for something specific in my niche, I hop on Twitter and look up industry hashtags.

When I’m looking for guest blogging opportunities, I hop on Twitter and seek out sites posting for guest bloggers.

When I’m looking for the latest trends in my industry, can you guess what I do? Yup, I go on Twitter, browse industry hashtags and look at the most popular articles being shared. And just like that I have my trending topics, without ever hitting Google.

So, ditch the automation, and keep using Twitter for all it’s worth, because it is still very relevant in social media marketing today. Find niche influencers, press opportunities, and leads, all from your tweets.

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